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Oct 29, 2006 06:32 PM

What are the foods you grew up with?

Basically whats your comfort foods? I come from a Lebanese and Italian backround my gf thinks what I eat is wierd but I dont really care cause its what I love

Here are mine:

My grandmother Bragoile
Pasta Fagiole
Lubee with Rice Pilaf
Fathiya's(Lebanese lamb pie)
Fried zucchini flowers in the springtime

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  1. Tacos
    Pinto Beans
    Corn Bread
    Fried Chicken
    Potato Salad
    Pork Roast
    Potato Pancakes
    Pork Ribs and Kraut

    I'm sure I will think of others but those are a few that come to mind.

    1. I come from a greek family so all the expected greek items:

      feta cheese
      yogurt(always made by mom back then!)
      lamb in any form
      avgolemono soup
      stuffed tomatoes and peppers
      and piles of all the greek pastries at all appropriate holidays and parties

      1. Pot roast

        Pot roast hash (I was convinced this was WHY we had pot roast!)

        Tuna-noodle casserole

        Baked corned beef hash and eggs, always with spinach on the side

        Fried chicken

        Baked stuffed chicken


        "Goulash" made with hamburger, bacon, kidney beans and tomato soup

        Swiss steak - not tomatoey, but with flour and dry mustard pounded in, then braised

        Fried liver and onions

        Meat loaf

        Braised rabbit and squirrel that my dad shot

        Fried fish that my dad caught

        Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on snowy days - yum!

        Pancakes with homemade fake maple syrup

        My mom's potato salad - the best!

        Scalloped potatoes with ham

        Baked hamburger casserole - two slabs, spread with mustard, with sliced onion and carrots between the layers, served with baked potatoes. I don't know why, but we all loved this.

        Mom's "chili" was hamburger and tomato soup, and her spaghetti was Chef Boy-Ar-Dee, which she pronounced "Boy-Ar-DAY" because that's what you did with foreign names...

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        1. So man foods, so little space, but here are some highlights:

          Home-made yougurt


          Lamb meatballs

          Mustard pea and potato salad

          Cream Crackers with cheese spread

          Ham Sandwiches

          I think I tried an avocado once, but it was YEARS before I got used to them. Ditto with olives.


          1. My favorites were pot roast, oven fried chicken, spaghetti every Friday (because it was my father's turn to cook, and this was all he knew how to make-- sauce out of a can, slightly doctored, and I've learned to make better of course, but I still crave pasta once a week). A treat was fried chicken livers, one of my father's favorite things.

            We had a family friend who was an early health food fanatic (from my mother's college days in the 40s) and so we ate brown rice and whole wheat bread, herb tea, etc.

            My mother (and my father for that matter) grew up in a small town with a vegetable garden out the back door, so we had lots of veggies, fresh when possible, tossed salad with homemade vinegrette every night, asparagus, artichokes-- if I was shopping with my mom and we saw a fruit or vegetable we were unfamiliar with, it was taken for granted that we would buy it. (This was a time when new things only appeared occasionally in central Ohio.)

            In the late 60s, we had lots of homemade bread, homemade yogurt, homemade granola, etc.

            My children don't believe me, but ethnic restaurant meant vaguely Italian, vaguely Greek, or very bland Chinese.

            I was in college the first time I ever had (or even heard of!) refried beans. We had a homesick exchange student over for dinner. He told my mom what to buy, and then he cooked us a fabulous Peruvian dinner.