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Looking for Pepper Jelly in SF

I'd like to purchase some delicious pepper jelly in San Francisco. Any ideas where I can find some?

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  1. I don't know about in SF. But in the East Bay Safeway, Berkeley Bowl, any of the little markets have it. It is a commnen item and there usually is a choice of brands.

    1. I had some delicious pepper jelly at Farmer Brown restaurant in SF. You might call them to see if they sell it by the jar, or drop by the bar and try it with some cornbread.


      1. The pepper jam by Tierra is umatched. Fabulous. They grow their own peppers, and some they smoke themselves, so they offer a smoked pepper jam, as well as unsmoked ones with different blends of peppers.

        It is available at the Saturday Ferry Plaza Market, and they have a website.

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          They are sold out on their website of all pepper jam varieties. Where at the Ferry Plaza is it sold? I'm intrigued.

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            Atomica, I would email Lee James through their website and ask when the new batch will be ready. She is very nice and will help if she can.

        2. dottie's true blue cafe sells their pepper jelly which is great. you can grab a fantastic bite and get a pot of jelly, or just get the jelly it's on o'farrell and jones, i believe

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            This is the obvious source. Dottie's is know for their pepper jelly.

          2. You might try the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market on Saturdays -- there's one vendor that I'm pretty sure sells pepper jelly. It's around the corner from the Hayes Street Grill people, and across the way from the people who sell peas and fava beans.

            1. Agree about the Tierra pepper jellies. They have a variety which are all very good.

              1. I have seen it on the shelf at Bi-Rite (18th st. between Guerrero & Dolores), but not tried whatever kind it is they carry.

                1. There used to be a specialty store in the Marina off Chestnut that had nothing but chile products, including a big selection of jellies. Does it still exist?

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                    Unfortunately not. Nor does the one that existed for a while at Folsom and Third or so... mores the pity. My vote is for the Ferry Plaza ("rich peoples' farmer's market") chili stall. They produce an exquisite chipotle jam as well as varieties with domestic and Thai chili essence (not to mention some excellent and unusual dried and fresh chilis.) Great as relish for grilled sausage or as an accompaniment to a nice sharp cheese.

                  2. Thanks for all of the great ideas. I will report back with my findings....