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Oct 29, 2006 05:47 PM

Where can I buy Hachiya Persimmons?

Help, I need a lot of these persimmons. Does anyone know where I can purchase them now?

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  1. At the end of this past week I purchased some really delicious ones at Gelson's (the Westlake Village store). They had all stages of ripeness on display.

    The ones that are ripe and ready to eat are very perishable and soft which makes them difficult to transport in that state. I treated them more carefully than a carton of eggs and they were perfect for consumption that same night.

    The less ripe ones might take several days out on the counter, but they are certainly easier to get from the store to your home.

    1. everywhere one looks.

      1. your local farmers' markets:

        penryn orchard specialties was recently featured on kcrw's "good food" and have six different varieties of persimmons right now, including hachiya and three chocolate-fleshed varieties. you will find them at the wednesday santa monica market. the farmer, jeff rieger, just conducted a class on making hoshi gaki (dried persimmon), which i'm interested in hearing about if anyone attended.

        1. I bought three yesterday at the Pacific Palisades farmers market. I did not see any at the Pico Santa Monica Saturday market, so we're probably still only seeing a trickle at this point. In the coming weeks, they should be really widely available. Yesterday, I paid $1.50/lb, which was probably a pretty good deal.

          I've bought things from Jeff Rieger at Penryn Orchards in the past and they have wonderful persimmons. I highly, highly recommend their hoshigaki persimmons. they're expensive, but the handiwork is evident and the flavor is extraordinary.

          1. If you can figure out how to get them from my trees to you (I'm in Northern Cal) I'm more than willing to oblige. Some are ready now, but as the trees sort of ripen in different cycles I should have plenty of unripe/nearly ripe/ripe to send.

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              I guess it would depend on shipping charges. I am not sure how Chowhound works regarding getting in touch with someone.

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                Have no idea - Ummm??? there has got to be away of doing this -

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                  i'd love to know as well how to do this legitimately. i'm ready with picker when you are