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Oct 29, 2006 05:46 PM

Where's the boeuf?

A buddy of mine jsut moved into a house that has a wood burning fireplace. Being the enterprising cook that I am, my first inclination was to cook a dry aged porterhouse over some wood. Now the only question is where to get the steak? Lobel's has steaks that include prime aged all the way up to wagyu but $150 for 1 steak seems pretty pricey. BLT Prime also sells aged beef. Help me complete my goal of replicating an Italian mama's meal of bistecca fiorentina. Where should I get this piece o' steer?


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  1. Oppenhimers's 98 st & Bway . Ask for Bob Pence . He will cut you a great bistecca fiorentina . Much cheaper than Lobel's and he buys from the same vendor. BTW Oppenhimer has always sold prime aged beef. He has his own aging locker. Sometimes he run sales of Prime aged T bones. I did that over the summer he charged me 75 dollars for a 2 1/2 "thick prime age PorterHouse. So if you are on the UWS check it out .