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Oct 29, 2006 05:09 PM

Best Sushi for $100 per person

Where is the best sushi for $100-120 per person with one or two drinks? I've been to Ushi Wakamaru, Blue Ribbon, Sushi Sennin, etc. They were good but I am not rushing to go back.

I would really love to Kuruma, Yasuda or Gari but don't think I can meet the budget.

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  1. I'd definitely recommend Yasuda. Make a reservation in front of Chef Yasuda and tell him how much you want to spend per person, or how many pieces you want.

    1. You can certainly do Yasuda for that budget. I usually just stick to tea and sit in front of Yasuda and my all in bill is around $100. Make sure to sit at the bar and to specify you want to sit in front of Yasuda.