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Oct 29, 2006 05:06 PM

Little Next Door Report

We stopped by Little Next Door yesterday and enjoyed our lunch. Charming design. Service and portion size-- French. They are working on the service and I was pleased by the portion size. Other hounds will be probably be less pleased. The young women helping me at the counter was clueless about french wine and food but still eager to please. (ordered a cab-cow cheese for me and had no idea which of their wines was from the Rhone)

We had a charcuterie platter (chicken liver mousse with sweet gelee was the standout), a small cheese in good condition, and several well-seasoned and interesting vegetable sides (carrot, artichoke, lentils) as well as small and tasty tea sandwhich. Food is better than I remember at Little Door. Pleasant patio. Next time we'll split a bottle of wine and enjoy the afternoon.

We tried macaroons and chocolates that were both quite good. The macaroons needed a day to air-dry (refrigerated case) but the texture was perfect after they recovered.

They've only been open a week and a half so still have some kinks to work out but it is a nice addition to the area.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I'm surprised more people aren't talking yet about this place on the board. I have been away and away from reading the board--in Paris!!--and returned to try this place for the first time yesterday. From the French waiter to the goose rillettes, this place seems rather special for LA. Really authentic French food, and environment, my wife had the rabbit terrine, and the lentil and carrot salads were great too. We left with and brought home a piece of the chocolate and pear torte, which was unbelievably good, and also left with some financiers and some anis cookies and some almond croissants which I have just finished eating for breakfast. It is like half-cafe, part-bakery, a bit wine store and delicatessen or traiteur. I don't miss Paris anymore...

      1. Where exactly is the little next door?

        1. It is on W.3rd street, just west of Crescent Heights.

          1. JudiAU -
            How does it compare to Le Marmiton on Montana in Santa Monica, which has always been my benchmark for Paris here in LA for the complete environment?