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Best breakfast in Sacramento - Fox and Goose

Okay.. I've gone to various places for breakfast (New Canton for Dim Sum to Cafe Italia in Davis) and I personally think that Fox and Goose as been the best. They have the closest English Breafast (!= English High Tea) and the food is fresh and just tastes good.

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  1. Hi atwong! I am glad that you got to try Fox and Goose. What did you try? I have eaten there several times; many times over 20 years ago and then again fairly often (once every month or two) over the last four or five years. One of my favorites is the welsh rarebit. I also enjoy their chowder. What was your favorite?

    1. Good God! It's still open? I used to go there before I moved to LA -- in 1978!

      1. Let's see... tried the California and Veggie Omelette and the Pub Grill with Bangers. I think all of them are quite good. No compliants there. Which reminds me, Crepeville in Davis has something similar to Fox and Goose's Benedict Arnold. I think it was the Manhatten at Crepeville. In addition, the scones with devonshire cream is awesome. Must have more cream! (and hot mustard on the bangers)

        1. We went there a while back and it was so packed (the wait was 30 minutes) so we went to Riverside Clubhouse..unfortunately. What time do you have to show up there in order to have a shorter wait..like on a Sat or Sun?

          I wanted to have the Pub Grill with Bangers. What is devonshire cream? I saw a bottle at Corti's.

          1. Ahh.. we waited 45 minutes. Unfortunately I don't know a shorter wait than that.

            As for devonshire cream, it's what they give you with your scones. It's a sweet light cream. You've got to taste it. I love it. Read more at http://www.joyofbaking.com/Devonshire...

            1. As long as we are on breakfasts in Sac area I might as well chime in for the Gold Miner in Folsom and Rocklin. Very different menu items (such as hot winged pork chops with a grilled aneheim chile, fruit filled waffles and the biggest bestest fluffiest biscuits ever. Home made jam too.

              1. Cream chantilly is added to the scones traditionally with strawberry jam first, the combo with a cup of tea is called devonshire tea, I don't beleive their is such a thing as devonshire cream, is there?

                1. I have seen devonshire cream at Corti's too. I also think they sell at at Taylors. It appears similar to clotted cream, but I haven't tried either yet. You really have to check the dates on that stuff Cirti Bros keeps in their back dairy area, I don't know that they are so great about rotating their stock. I have accidentally purchased spoiled items from that section of the store before. They have always been very apologetic once I returned the item, but still...

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                    Thanks for that tip. I'll be sure to check.

                  2. My favorite at the Fox & Goose is their tuesday lunch special, Bangers and Mash. I've been eating it for years and it's always great. Their breakfasts are also very good. They used to have great dinners on friday and saturday nights. Roast beef with Yorkshire Pudding, leg of lamb w/homemade mint sauce. Man them were the good ole days. I'm dating myself so I'll stop.


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                      I need to go there..I guess for the Tuesday lunch special!

                    2. Let me know when you're going and I'll meet you there if I can. I know those people too well. Anyone else who wants to go is welcome as well.


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                        Drop me a line if you are going. If I am available, I would love to join you and Melly and others, too!

                      2. I'm going on the 14th and/or the 21st, depending on scheduals,
                        and am looking for company. Check out the Sacto site. All are invited.


                        1. Is dim sum considered a breakfast? I always thought of it as brunch or lunch. I guess if you are going to New Canton, it'll have to be breakfast in order to beat the lines :-)

                          For American breakfasts, there's a place called Venita Rhea's in Rocklin that's pretty good, esp for the prices and portion sizes.

                          1. Not breakfast, but earlier this summer I had a chance to stop by here before driving back to San Francisco. I picked up a Cornish pasty to reheat at home, as shown below. A big mother, this was accompanied by a side of brown gravy. Pleasant enough but much plainer and the pastry's not as good and buttery as the version at SLOCo Pasty Co in San Luis Obispo.


                            Folks still liking Fox and Goose?

                            More about SLOCo Pasty Co,