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Oct 29, 2006 03:20 PM

Outside of Bologna and Ferrara! What an Experience!!!!

We have been in Ferrara for the full month of October and today we ate are most memorable meal while in Italy. Located about 20 minutes by car from Ferrara toward Bologna (south) is the Le Occare guest house and restaurant. The restaurant is in a restored farm house on farmland in Runco. There are 4 tables so reservations are not a bad idea, but not absolutely necessary during the winter. I e mailed Chris, the owner, a few days ahead to book. My wife and I had the full set menu which consisted of 5 courses which included sweet asti wine with desert and homemade walnut liquer after coffee. The dinner was fantastic with all vegetables from their farm. The small dining room was beautiful with old stone flooring in a very romantic old room. All their bread is made in an ancient wood oven and included many different types. The service was gracious and personal. After dinner Cris who speaks a little English chatted about her place. She also teaches cooking classes and is the chef along with her husband and another woman in the kitchen.

She would not let us leave without her husband coming out (he speaks very good English) and thanking us for coming. What a gracious couple!

You can look at the website at We will remember with warmth this wonderful experience

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  1. Wow,you made me so homesick for Italy. I've been to both Bologna and Ferrara. Please elaborate on your 5 courses. It must have been wonderful.

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      As best as I can remember. The first course was a generous serving of mortadella with a salad on the side dressed with oil and balsamic vinegar. Next creme of potato leek soup. Next was homemade gnocci that melted in your mouth with a delicious ragu.

      The meat plate was ucceletti which was a rolled veal rolled around ham. It was served with several vegetables, chard, kale that was in several ways. Also a sweet and sour mixture of carrots, onions, peppers and possibly tomatoes. Another platter of another green was brought a little latter. More hot bread just out of the wood burning oven was brought during the meal.

      A small palate cleanser of a fruit creme and very rich whipped creme was served before the desert a strawberry barranse -sort of like a mousse with more whipped creme.With dessert we were served a glass of sweet asti moscado wine which was not overly sweet and a nice contrast to the mousse.

      After coffee we were offered a noccetto which we did not take, but Cris brought over a glass of homemade lemoncello which was chilled.