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Any great muffins in Brooklyn?

Hey fellow 'hounders,
I'm in dire need of great muffins in Brooklyn. Basically, I'm looking for a muffin that has a crisp exterior and a moist crumb. Any flavor would do and if there's a specific muffin that you would recommend, please divulge. I'll travel anywhere in Brooklyn. Thanks in advance!

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  1. There aren't any great muffins in Brooklyn? It doesn't exactly have to fit in the aforementioned criteria, as long as it's delicious.

    1. Blue Sky Bakery, on 5th Ave in Park Slope -- the muffins are just what you're looking for -- crips exterior, mosit and flavorful inside. Just discovered them a few weeks ago, now I'm totally addicted.


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        I LOVE LOVE Blue Sky Bakery.
        Best Muffins in Brooklyn hands down. fresh fruits, nuts, serious chocolate. very crispy muffin tops. If you come in over the weekend and get there as muffins are coming out of the oven, get a hot one, ask for a side of butter and you will be hooked. Plus, their coffee is strong and yummy.

      2. Naidre's on Henry and Sackett sometimes has a delicious zucchini raisin muffin w/ a crunchy top that's very moist inside (not sure if they have it at the P. Slope branch). It's best purchased and eaten early in the day: they don't tend to replenish muffins as they sell out, and their baked goods seem to go a bit stale as the day wears on.

        1. I second blue sky. especially the zucchini ones. mmmmm...

          1. I, too, am a big muffin fan. My favorites: the sour cherry muffin at Marquet on Court Street (not crispy, but buttery and delicious), raspberry muffin from Almondine in Dumbo (not sure if it's crispy, but is v. good). I also like the muffins from Cranberries on Henry near Cranberry. The best there, I think, is the blueberry. I also like their raisin bran muffin. Funny, I thought I had posted this yesterday, but it wasn't there, so I guess not....

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              I second the sour cherry. Didn't want to say anything at first since you were disappointed by Marquet last time, but I *swear* this is top notch :)

              I think the muffins at Naidres, particularly the vegan ones (ick!) are awful.

              Sweet Melissa has some small and expensive, but occasionally tasty muffins. They're very cake-like. Might be worth a shot.

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                I second Cranberry's on the corner of Cranberry and Henry in Bk Heights. Their carrot muffins are especially delicious.

              2. had very tasty cranberry muffins at Steves Bagels on 4th ave between ovington and bay ridge ave the last few mornings.
                been getting them in the morning while still hot.

                1. Maybe because its closest to home...but I like the muffins & scones at Two Red Hens - 8th Ave & 11th Street in the Slope.

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                    While I think their scones are great, I have found their muffins to be mediocre at best....

                  2. Agree on 2 hens for scones (and sorry to veer off topic). Especially the maple walnut scone (you can also get it at the Tea Lounge).

                    I feel compelled to amend my previous post on Naidre's muffins, per oolah's post. Had a blueberry one today (it's 2 doors down from my apartment -- convenience sometimes trumps taste) and while it wasn't awful it was pretty lousy: tasted more of baking powder and sugar than anything else. And the texture was too fluffy -- like cake mix. Aforementioned zuccini raisin is denser, w/ more pronounced flavors.

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                      That's the one I had too! Not tasty. :(

                      Naidre's is very close to me too so I know what you mean about convenience. I don't particularly like the place, but I'll still go there sometimes.

                      I'll give the zucchini raisin one a shot.

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                        Tea Lounge carries some Two Hens items, but they never look that fresh...

                        I love the cranberry orange and triple berry muffins at Two Hens - they're all really good, as are the scones.

                      2. This muffin is in manhattan, and I'm afraid I can't remember the name of the place, but it's around the corner from Tavern on Jane at Hudson and Jane in the west village. They have terrific banana chocolate muffins and bake them right there, so you can have them warm right out of the oven. Can't find any amazing muffins in brooklyn, sorry.

                        1. i just had a slammin' corn and wild blueberry muffin from the takeout counter at tempo presto on 3rd and 7th ave. in park slope. and $1.85 it was a deal! it was very good...moist and great flavor.

                          1. Wow. Blueberry corn is my favorite kind of muffin! I've gotta try it out!

                            1. smooch on carlton and dekalb. not crispy - mostly just super super moist. but taste like the real fruit they put in them.

                              1. Two Little Red Hens has good muffins.

                                1. I really love the banana chocolate chip muffins at Boerum Hill Food Company, especially if you can get there early in the morning when they're still warm. Crispy, buttery edges and a dense, sweet interior full of melty chocolate chips.

                                  The banana pecan ones are good, too, but only as a last resort if the banana chocolate chip are sold out.

                                  1. The muffins, especially the Raisin Bran and Blueberry, at the Bagel place on Court Street right before the Multiplex Cinema, are excellent.

                                    Baked fresh every morning. the only problem is that they are so good and popular that they sell out very early.

                                    1. little miss muffin on park and flatbush right next to the subway Q/B. the muffins are amazing. i walked by for years without trying and then when i had the first one could not believe how good it was. also - go early in the day - they sell out on a daily basis.

                                      1. Flying Saucer on Atlantic, just east of Nevins, has nice muffins & scones. I've never asked but from the descriptions it sure sounds like Two Hens stuff. The orange/cranberry is wonderfully sweet/tart.

                                        1. check out margaret palca bakes in columbia heights. The best I've had and reasonable.

                                          1. I noticed the only banana muffin mentioned was in Manhattan... any banana muffins in Brooklyn? Without nuts?

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                                              They have very buttery banana muffins with Chocolate chips at Borougm Hill Cafe on Smith. Not sure about the nuts, though.