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Oct 29, 2006 02:21 PM

Are there any good offshoots of the Adria movement in Madrid?

Are there any good offshoots of the Adria movement in Madrid? We are going to be there in a week and would like a great food experience for the saturday night.

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  1. Directly related is Adria's Fast/Good...I found it pretty tasty, as a quick, simple (but not cheap) alternative:

    Sergi Arola, who worked with Adria, has La Broche, which is a wonderful restaurant, and a casual joint at the Reina-Sofia-see my review from spring:

    They have a website, but it's not up and running right now-you need to make a reservation at once...

    1. Cacao Sampaka is run by his brother:

      La Terraza seems to be a part of the empire:

      Never tried Terraza, but I've had a gallon or so of hot chocolate
      over a couple of years at Sampaka. Great little pastries; non-traditional,
      from a Madrid standpoint, chocolate, and the cheapest place I've found
      to buy the awesome El Bulli yearbooks (about 100 euros, vs. 300 everywhere

      1. Went to Good Fast in Madrid (searched it out). Found everything very fresh, and the service quick, but wasn't overwhelmed. Maybe we ordered wrong (panini sandwich and burger), but it wasn't anything gastronomically exciting. The space itself was pretty cool. Ultramodern with cool lines and great color scheme.

        Maybe I was expecting too much, but it didn't live up to the hype for me.

        It was pretty busy, so I guess plenty of people find it wonderful.

        1. I know what El Bulli is, but what is this "yearbook?"

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            Huge, expensive, and completly beautiful futuristic food porn:



            Basically, photos of everything they've served along with commentary.