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Oct 29, 2006 02:18 PM

favorite accompaniment for foie gras?

What's yours? and more foie gras does not count...

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  1. Toasted brioche ... with a terrine de foie gras. I usually enjoy it when served with some sort of gelee - of sauterne, etc. Had some the other night that came with a salad with slivered Granny Smith apples and I also enjoyed that combination. Not a fan of sauteed foie gras.

    1. Have you ever tasted Minus 8 vinegar? It is the perfect accompaniment. Expensive? Yes! But, so it foie gras. It is a Canadian product and the best way I can describe it is ice wine vinegar. The grapes to produce it are harvested a -8 C. It is limited production so if you can get your hands on it use it sparingly, you don't need much anyway and it is sooooo good.

      1. I like it with a lot of things. But well salted with figs or raspberries and baguette are near the top of the list. With terrine or au torchon I like some reduced balsamic and more salt. I have also thoroughly enjoyed foie with squash -- particularly squash ravioli or gnocchi.

        I like to drink either a sweet Gewurtztraminer or Reisling (if going with more of the meal than just foie) or a Tokaji or Sauterne (if just with the foie or maybe some blue cheese after).

        1. With apples browned in French butter. Mmmm.

          1. Warm toast and Monbazillac or riesling auslese.

            Sweet or sour sauces, fruit, compotes, and the like don't work for me.