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Oct 29, 2006 02:11 PM

Costco camembert alert!

Costco is carrying a very (very) good raw milk camembert cheese for $5.49 each. They're the small size ones in a wooden box - absolutely delicious. I bought two, but I now wish I'd bought 6. (Not that we could possibly consume them before they went funny but still...) I got mine at the Ajax store, but I'm assuming that most Toronto area stores carry more or less the same stuff.

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  1. What brand is it?

    As I only eat French Camembert, I'm making an assumption here, and if its raw milk and at Costco am I right to assume its Canadian made?


    1. Nope, French. The box is labelled "Camembert Pays" and the manufacturer appears to be Paysan Breton. There's a sticker on the top that identifies it as Lait Cru. Not a brand I've ever had before, but the one I opened this morning is flavourful and ripened just the way I like it.