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Is it ever ok for a server to put food back on your plate that has fallen onto the table while it's being served?!

I find it to be unacceptable and usually remove it to my napkin, but somehow I end up feeling like my whole plate has been contaminated!

What are you supposed to do?!

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  1. No - it's not ok. I would think that if the server dropped it on the table, the server ought to remove it from the table. If the server didn't do so, and left it on the table, I'd ask the server to do so. If the server put the food back on my plate - I'm not sure what I'd do - I guess ask for a new dish (and not just for my plate to be taken to the kitchen and the offending piece of food removed and the plate returned to me). BTW - I just asked my husband this question and he came up with an incredulous face that this could even occur - he said he'd like a new plate, with new food and preferably, a new waiter (smile).

    1. The five second rule applies only to yourself. unless,of course, no one saw your sleigh-of-hand. LOL! The answer in obvious; send it back.

      1. does this really happen? It's the second time it's been brought up so apparently yes. It is totally unacceptable!!

        1. "USUALLY remove it to my napkin"!!! This has happened to you more than once???? I can't believe the waiter would touch your food to return it to your plate! Totally unacceptable!
          You should speak to the manager. He should train that waiter better or fire a waiter who can't get a plate to the table intact or has no better sense than to touch a patron's food.
          What goes on in the kitchen?

          1. I know - USUALLY - I made that sound like it happens regularly!

            1. This is entirely unacceptable -- the server shouldn't be picking the food back up and putting it on your plate.

              However, that said, I've had this happen to me and I've never really been bothered by it and ate the dish (and the piece that fell and was replaced) without hesitation.

              P.S. Shouldn't this be in 'Not About Food'.

              1. Tsk,tsk,Atahualpa. You are a very accepting person but you're not doing the waiter any favors.
                He ought to be told by someone that MOST customers would consider what he did to be unacceptable. After you finished your meal, you should have told the manager about it so that he could have trained the waiter better.
                If people don't know that what they are doing is wrong, they keep doing it. The quality of service declines for all of us.

                1. it's all about training, or lack of. The management should be alerted.

                  1. It depends on what falls off the plate.

                    If it a french fry or a little rice the waiter should remove with his scoopy thing and apologize. No biggie here. Probably not even a demerit in the Jfood tipping directory.

                    If it's the main part of the entree that did the downhill, then waiter better take the whole thing back to the kitchen. I also have a sneeky feeling I'll probably see the same entree a few minutes later. If the place was worth its salt, all the dishes would go back so we can all eat together. Rare does that happen. Major demerit in Jfood's tipping guide. If he uses his hands to pick it up, double super demerit. If he puts it on my plate and thinks I'm eating it, then it exit stage right for the Jfood table.

                    1. No..but it is acceptable for the server to eat whatever falls off your plate.:)

                      1. No, no, no....I can't imagine ever eating something, anything that fell to the floor!

                        Off topic..Okay...wrapped cellophane item at checkout..slips thru my hand...I might even replace it and pay for two rather than put it back for the next customer.

                        Only George from Seinfeld gets away with it :)