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Oct 29, 2006 01:47 PM

Dire need of great muffins

Hey fellow 'hounders,
I would like to know where can I find some fabulously great muffins in NYC? Basically, I'm looking for a muffin with a crisp exterior with a soft, moist crumb. Any flavor would do (if there's any specific flavor that you'd recommend from that establishment, please do tell) and any location I would go for. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Known for its Cup-Cakes (just OK BTW) Buttercup bakery on 2nd (51st) has great muffins in the AM. I wandered in by chance one morning for coffee and discovered muffins still warm from the oven. Great blueberry and, if I recall correctly, apple cinnamon - among others.

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      Yes, they are yummy. I would suggest Buttercup as well if you are in the area....eastside location only.

    2. Surprisingly, Whole Foods has great muffins - not humongous (a plus), with a nice rounded top.

      If you're up near Columbia Universtiy, stop by Samad Gourmet at Broadway and 111th St. On the decadent side, the chocolate-cheese muffins are tops. For a (slightly) more healthy muffin, try the pumpkin or the low-fat cranberry.

      I really dig the Healthy Delites muffins you can buy at Garden of Eden (among other places). But it's happened a couple of times that I've bought some that had gone bad - even though I was told they were brought in that day. So be careful, but definitely try them.

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      1. re: piccola

        I used to live on those chocolate cheese muffins in my Columbia days.

        1. re: Lucia

          Rest assured that the tradition lives on. :-)

      2. Pain Quotidian has the best blueberry muffin I've ever had, ever.
        Can't say about their other muffins because I've not yet had enough blueberry.
        7th & 58
        72 & Columbus
        84 & Madison
        63 & Lex
        in ABC Carpet

        1. good raisin bran muffins with the characteristics you specify: the donut hole, 14th st near 7th ave on the north side of the street

          1. The finest corn muffin I have ever had anywhere is a Blue Dog Cafe, 25th St. near 6th Ave. Unbelievable. Crunchy top, moist inside, full of flavor. They seem to use a different kind of corn meal. There's a cinnamon muffin there that's great as well, but I haven't tried the rest.