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New Steakhouse in Framingham on Route 9????

Passed Desmond O'Malleys yesterday and saw construction along with a sign for "Metro 9 Steakhouse". Anyone know anything about it?

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  1. The sign says it will be Metro 9. Sched. for Nov. opening, it will be a steak and chophouse in the mid-range.

    1. Does anyone know if it's from the same people who brought us The Met Club in Chestnut Hill? I understand they were interested in new locations.

      1. There was a story in the Metrowest. Same owners a Desmonds. New concept. Desmonds wasn't performing up to their other rests.

        1. I think it's pretty gay that they are redoing it actually. That was the only good bar in the area.

          1. Dezzie's was built in Dublin, then shipped over to America and rebuilt here (a friend of a friend helped build the place). I hope they don't tear up the inside of it. The place was beautifully put together--it would be such a waste...

            1. Actually saw the construction inside and they are gutting the entire interior. Bye bye Dublin bar!

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                What a shame...they had put so much work into that, too. Oh well, the Kinsale in Boston was built by the same group, so if anyone wants to see a place that was built in Ireland and transported over here, there's still at least one of these places left.

              2. They're going to open another operation using the Desmond's interior. Not sure where though.

                1. I believe it opens on Dec 14th.

                  See Open Table... you can book a table for that day, not before.

                    1. It's supposed to have a 'chop house' feel and menu.

                      1. Ate there last night and thought it was excellent. Loved the atmosphere. Steaks are seared at 1800F and were delicious. Recommend: For apps - onion soup and Caesar salad. For sides - Boursin mashed potatoes and truffle fries. Waiter brought a medley of *salt* like sea salt, smoked and Hawaiian - first time I've seen that in a steak place. Website has the menu: www.metro9steakhouse.com

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                          How's the atmosphere, pricing? My thought was that it would be a mid range place. Is it comprable to the high end steak places in the Back Bay or below that?

                        2. I ate there last week. Not as expensive as Back Bay places, but everything is a la carte so it can add up. Steaks were in the $20's. Add on from there.

                          We ate at the bar, where the service was a tad distracted. But the overall atmosphere was comfortable. Warm colors, fireplace, dark wood tables, granite bar. A little noisy but not too bad.

                          1. Had dinner there last night- were on our way to Legal but there was an 1 1/2 hour wait so ended up next door at this place. Had oysters on the half shell- good, cold fresh. Martinis were generous and ok bu only one olive?? !!! Wedge salad (made with romaine not iceberg) and chopped salad were ok. There are two steaks under $20- a petit filet mignon and a 9 0z club sirloin. H had the club sirloin- cooked as ordered and tasty. I had the crispy calamari appetizer- nice on a bed of some spicy tomato/ hot pepper sauce.
                            Service was good. Nice alternative to the ultra expensive steak houses but the menu is somewhat limited- a few seafood options, one or two pastas, chicken, pork chop etc.

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                              With all due respect "emilief", it won't be long before you can't just walk in to this place on a Saturday night. I drink my gin martinis straight-up and ASK for three(3) olives when I do so. I did so on Friday night and that's what I got. It's more important that they give you a good-sized flavorsome pour. You can always adjust for the olive count, nobody's ever refused me:-) As regards the breadth of the menu, what would you expect? It's a steak & chophouse and going to be a very good one, I believe.

                              Lord, thank you for delivering us from the evils of Ken's.

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                                It seems you thought I was being over critical and you misinterpreted the walk in remark. We were quite happy to get a table and the place was bustling when we left. Rw the martini- yes, we could have asked for more olives but it is very odd and unusual to serve a martini with only one olive- why should we have to ask?? Yes is was a good generous martini but some of us consider the olives as important! Comparing the menu to the Met Club, which is also a steak house, the options, particularly on the seafood side, were extremely limited. THe only two pastas - at least by the description- vermont chicken pasta with a cheddar sauce, and the lobster ravioli with lobster cream- were both heavy. A third pasta selection with a lighter sauce would be nice. A fish, other than the only choice- salmon- would be nice. AS I said, all in all a nice experience and the wait staff were excellent.

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                                  Fair enough, but I'm sure they will be adjusting their menu as they proceed.

                                  Last time re: olives, I ask for that specific reason, not all places give you enough :-).
                                  Bon Appetit