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Oct 29, 2006 11:32 AM

Best in New Brunswick

I would like to assemble a list of the best restaurant finds in New Brunswick. I am in Saint John, which is not exactly a culinary mecca, but can add the following three to the list. I have already posted these else where on the board, but hope that we can start to generate a comprehensive list. Here they are:

Suwanna - authenic Thai in West Saint John. This restaurant/B&B is owned by a couple - I understand that she is Thai and I believe he is Polish (both of which are reflected on the menu - European desserts). The restaurant itself is interesting in that it is in an old Victorian home with high ceilings and elaborate plaster moldings. The food is very good - especially the curries (i.e. green, duck and red). They also have a really good shredded cabbage and carrot salad to start and the stuffed eggplant is excellent. I am not a fan of the pad thai, which is quite different than what I am accustomed to. But hey - pad thai is street food that probably has no place in a proper thai restaurant in any event.

Sam Pam - chinese in West Saint John. From the outside this place looks like a typical canadianized-chinese joint, and this is partially true (you can get chicken balls and fried rice and such, which is likely an economic necessity in Saint John at this point in time). On the inside it is not the fanciest place (they have a couple of poker machines). But - they have dim sum on weekend mornings (11:00 until 2:00 I think) which is equal to that which can be found in chinatown in Toronto; it is excellent. This is reflected in the patrons that you will see at the tables, who are mostly Asian. Also, the lunch and dinner menus offer some more authenic chinese dishes that are very good. The woman who runs the front of the house is very friendly. Be a little careful - sometimes it is easy to get a table for dim sum, and sometimes the place fills up.

Rossmount Inn - Saint Andrews. Heard about this place and gave it a try this summer. It is a B&B / restaurant owned by a European couple as can be seen at:

This place is great - locally sourced food prepared with skill and enthusiasm. You will find that many of the dishes showcase a local ingredient or two, and the restaurant even has its own garden. The morning we left the chef/owner served us breakfast and was then heading into the woods to pick chanterelles. The other owner chatted with us about raw milk cheses. In foodie terms, this place is the real deal.

There was a 3-course meal included in the overnight package we opted for, but an extra $15 upgraded us to a 5 course tasting menu, which was amazing. They also have an excellent cheese plate with artisnal offerings from all over New Brunswick and Quebec. The food itself is on par with high end restaurants in Toronto that cost two or three times as much. Also, the menu is huge for a place of this size and anyone should be able to find something that appeals to them. The service is more local/friendly than professional, but that is a good thing in my books. Best in New Brunswick, or at least the best that I have found thus far.

All right folks, let's hear some more recommendations!

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  1. I am not giving a recomendation, but I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on The Marshlands Inn in Sackville New Brunswick?

    1. Although Saint John is not, I suppose, a "culinary mecca", it sure seems like a lot of new things are happening in that city. Have you been to Opera yet? I hope to make it there next time in town.

      The Shadow Lawn out in Rothesay has always been good.

      And a Guatemalan place I ate at during the ECMA's was awesome.

      1. I have to agree about the Rossmount Inn, in St. Andrews. I have eaten there several times this summer and it is (IMHO) the best restaurant in NB. The naked lobster with nasturtuim (sp?) perogies was to die for.

        1. Yes - I have eaten at Opera, but only for lunch, at which time the menu is quite limited. I have heard mixed reviews about dinner, but I think it has more to do with portion sizes and cost (Saint John is a very conservative town when it comes to food). i will try dinner there soon.

          The same couple that runs Opera has a place over on the West side called The Dufferine House Inn (a B&B) where I once had a lovely meal. It seems to me that I recall hearing that the chef/owner had a Michelin star at his old restaurant back in Germany, but I am not certain of this.

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          1. re: BarnNB

            I am afraid I would give Opera a thumbs down in the dinner department. Weird attempts at pan-Asian cuisine that really don't work... Not impressed.

            1. re: studiotoronto

              Can you elaborate? The Opera Bistro doesnt do pan asian. Where did you get that from? Sorry but some false info there .

          2. Brewnoser - you are correct, things in Saint John are getting decidedly better in the last few years. Your post has also reminded me to try Taco Pica again. The first time I ate there was a miss, but I should give it another go.