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Oct 29, 2006 11:11 AM

ISO Chopped Liver

Sometimes I delude myself by following the Second Avenue Deli trucks around Manhattan, the ones that say "Follow this truck for the best chopped liver in NYC" only to wind up at the hardware store that bought the truck when 2nd Ave deli died. One of my last memories of 2nd ave deli was eating a CL sandwich al fresco as the rye bread disintegrated under the weight of a pound and a half of their chopped liver. Where can I go?

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  1. I don't like chopped liver, but for Passover earlier this year, I bought some at Russ & Daughters. My guests gobbled it up.

    1. I agree on Russ & Daughters.

      The cheese store on 3rd Ave. between 9th and 10th St. also makes a good CL.

      And of course there's nothing like the CL at Sammy's Rumanian Steakhouse, though you really have to be there, to see the server chop it up in a giant bowl, hold a pint bottle overhead and pour an instant heart attack of schmaltz into it.

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        1. In addition to Russ & Daughters and Sammy's, I also like the chopped liver at Sarge's on Third Ave. It tastes home made with sauteed onions and hard boiled eggs.

          1. Supersol is a kosher grocery/take-out deli on upper west, not sure of exact location, but their chopped liver is excellent. Also, Barney Greengrass on Upper West has excellent chopped liver. Supersol version is a little darker/meatier and sweeter.