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Oct 29, 2006 07:06 AM

Bar that serves food in Sherman Oaks or Studio City

I'm looking for a bar that serves food in Sherman Oaks or Studio City. It doesn't have to be good food... buffallo wings and french fries are fine. I'm getting some people together later this week for my b-day and don't want to deal with a sit-down restaurant. It could be swank or a dive, I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. I think Daily Grill has happy hour bar food.

    1. Pineapple Hill Saloon near Gelsons, behind the movie theatres on Van Nuys near Moorpark.

      1. Definitely Pineapple Hill in the In N Out burger center on Van Nuys and Moorpark, as well as Stanleys on Ventura just west of Woodman, where their entire menu is bar available.

        1. Firefly on Ventura near Colfax is great for getting people together...the patio is great..the bar food is a notch above the wings and fries you mentioned...but everyone always has a great time there.

          1. There's also Next Door Tapas lounge, Ole (also tapas), Casa Vega, and minibar (further east).

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              What is Pineapple Hill? I know of the sushi bar and the asian barbecue spot behind In N Out yet am unfamiliar with a bar/restaurant called Pineapple Hill, please tell me more?



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                Bar that's been there for what seems like forever, but maybe at least 20 years...neighborhood place...on Van Nuys just north of Moorpark....