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Oct 29, 2006 04:21 AM

New chain - Teavana? What's the verdict?

Stopped in to a new store in a mall near where I live and found Teavana, exotic teas and tea drinks. They were giving out all kinds of samples, tea with fruit flavors, rare green teas, etc. Anyone have any experience with them? Out of Georgia, husband and wife own the chain, expanding across the country.

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  1. They've been around about 10 years or so, growing slowly (hopefully to prevent the inevitable ruin that accompanies too fast expansion).

    The up side - they have some very nice teas, including some excellent white teas.

    The down side for me (upside for others) - they're in shopping malls.

    I would consider them a top "mass market" tea, along with Republic of Tea and Mighty Leaf.

    You can also shop their store online:

    1. I love their Moroccan Mint more than any other I've tried (about 2 dozen).

      Nine Treasures is good too.

      Their white teas are very pricey but fantasic, especially the pear.

      1. I like em. The iced teas that they make are a bit strongly flavored for my tastes, almost across the board.