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Oct 29, 2006 03:59 AM

Kensington Bistro...R.I.P. I hardly knew ye (dinner is gone)

What is infinite sadness? I know it today (in a food way).

TheGirl and I had never eaten dinner at our local Kensington Bistro...only 4 blocks away in El Cerrito/Albany/Kensington. We've been there for brunch and never had a bad meal.

On a whim, we decided to go there for dinner...only to learn it was the their last night of serving dinner. AND IT WAS FANTASTIC.

So, we live 4 blocks from this FANTASTIC Bistro and we only go there for weekend brunches, and on a whim we go there for dinner...and it's the last that they will serve. :( <sigh> Such is life.

Anyhoot, R.I.P. Kensington Bistro (dinner). The Niman Ranch steak I had tonight was fabulous. The spinach salad TheGirl had was delicious. The appetizer (Artichoke & Crab Gratine) was superb. Our desserts (banana layer cake & a hot fudge sundae) were excellent.

And after 1.25 bottles of wine, we walked away very happy. Sadly, we'll never have the chance to go back for dinner.

I hardly knew ye, Kensignton Bistro Dinner, but I'll miss you.


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  1. That's been a difficult location. Had breakfast there a few times, maybe dinner once, and never felt the need to return. Unless you're a local, and usually headed to Semifreddi's or Colusa Market, or to the mail box, there's little reason to pass by. There were plans years back to develop the entire Circle into something unique, but that seems to have fallen through. There's been a vacant ex-Brazilian restaurant across the street for ages.

    1. Is this where Narsai David had his restaurant years ago?

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        Narsai's place is now the Circus Pub. Kensington Bistro is across the circle.