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Oct 29, 2006 02:35 AM

Quattro and Twist Bistro reports

Dinner last night at Twist Bistro in Campbell was mixed: Light-as-air baguette, perfectly cooked but oversalted snapper, greasy and flavorless pulled port app, and the world's smallest escargot (is there such a thing as baby escargot?) Just kidding. Service was mixed, too: a little snotty French 'tude mixed with accommodating waitperson and eager bussers.

Breakfast at the Palo Alto Four Season's Quattro Restaurant today: the beautiful crab cakes benedict actually tasted like crab, and were served with the same spicy tomato fonduta that accompanied my huge, perfectly cooked breakfast burrito (fluffy eggs, chunks of avocado). Typically high FS prices ($52 before tax and tip for two orders, coffee, tea, and one juice) and impeccable service, and overall better cooking than at the SF and Scottsdale FS. Loved the bright, airy dining room and art, and the stylish light fixtures in the vestibule; didn't like the silly configuration of the designer washbasins in the restroom.

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