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Oct 29, 2006 02:00 AM

Best pumpkin bread?

OK, I'm not going to go crazy with this like the pumpkin ice cream (Carvel, it turns out has a nice pumpkin ice cream, btw).

However, here's some pumpkin bread I just happened to try

They win so far. Moist pumpkin bread with lots and lots of raisins

Bakesale Betty
No raisins, but moist. Ginger was the big flavor here

From last year's post ... lot's of nuts and ginger. I had another piece after my cold ... it turns out there wasn't a much pumpkin flavor and it was a bit dry.

House of Bread (HOB
)Didn't like it at all. It was too dry with not enough pumpkin flavor. Samples always available, so you can judge for yourself.

In favor of HOB, I did try Semi-freddi's loaf of sliced white bread, which is excellent. The crust is crunchy rather than soft and the texture of the bread is quite nice ... but ... HOB is the better loaf for me, more yeasty and like the como bread at Downtown Bakery in Healdsburg.

So anyone have a favorite pumpkin bread source ... and if Sketch makes anything baked that is pumpkin-based, please post since I'll make a beeline there.

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  1. Virginia Bakery in Berkeley has a delicious pumpkin bread (no raisins)

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      Today at 11 AM the Virginia Bakery had no pumpkin bread and didn't seem to know they had ever had it. Maybe I got the wrong clerk -- only one was behind the counter. At any rate, better call first.

    2. I just made a boxed pumpkin bread from Trader Joes. It was on display as I checked out so I thought I'd try it. It's actually very tasty. My husband is super picky and he liked it a lot. It's very spicy and moist. Give it a shot; your house will smell wonderful too.

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        1. I really like the Celebration pumpkin cake/bread at Whole Foods (I think they make it there). Moist and yummy with chocolate chips and walnuts. Located in the tiered baskets on the baked goods tables.