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Oct 29, 2006 01:41 AM

Best place for crabs near Inner Harbor?

Is Obrycki's the best?

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    1. re: crowsonguy

      I agree. In any event, it is no longer blue crab season on the Chesapeake. Any crabs you get will be imported anyway. In which case you might as well go to Obrycki's with all the other tourists. On the other hand, what's left of the Bay's oyster population is in season now. Go to Nick's Seafood in the Cross St. Market for some good ones.

      1. re: round hound

        Maryland Crab season runs until December 15th, the heaviest crabs of the season are happening now.

        1. re: round hound

          Someone is giving you some bad info regarding the Maryland crab season, its most definitely not over.

          I just noticed hon posted the same thing 5 hours ago, but since I can't delete, I'll just be redundant. I thought it was Nov 30 but a check at DNR confirms it is indeed Dec 15.

      2. Grand Mart has been selling fresh blue crabs for 99 cents a pound for the past month or so. My wife buys a few every week or so and she and my son gorges on them while I watch with envy (I'm allergic to shellfish).

        1. Obrycki's is getting theirs shipped in from Louisiana. Costa's are coming from Texas. Bo Brooks are coming from Louisiana, Texas and the Carolinas. To me, the "season" means I can go to a Maryland crab house and get Maryland crabs.

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          1. re: round hound

            Obrycki's, Costas and Bo Brooks alway get their crabs from out of town because they need a consistent supply. Some of the best crabs I've had all year were at Mr. Bill's and Kellys, those crabs came from Texas.

            1. re: round hound

              Many of those places serve "imports" throughout the whole season anyway.

              1. re: luckygirl

                I know it's not popular to say so, but I don't think there's anything wrong with Gulf crabs. They just don't know how to cook them properly down there.

                1. re: Hal Laurent

                  sputter fume gasp

                  I'll grant you that we in Louisiana have a weakness for overdoing the spiciness but no reason to throw the baby out with the crab boil

                  1. re: frankiii

                    I have a gazillion relatives in Louisiana, so I'm quite familiar with the crab cooking style there.

                    I don't think the spice mixture is really all that different...the real difference is that in Louisiana they boil the crabs and in Maryland they steam them.

                    The Louisianans would say that boiling the crabs (with the seasoning right in the water) infuses the crabs with more of the flavor of the seasonings than steaming (with the seasoning on the surface of the crabs) does. They're may be right about that, but I think the texture of the meat suffers (and I really don't like opening a crab and having liquid pour out).

                    1. re: Hal Laurent

                      i cant dispute that. I love crabs, but all the mess detracts from it. not so with crawfish though. but they are much easier to get into

                  2. re: Hal Laurent

                    To me, it's not just about the difference in how they are spice but in the crabs themselves. There is a difference in how they taste.

              2. Not true. Local crabs are still in season and are out of this world. They will probably be around for another two weeks or so.

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                1. re: luckygirl

                  The original post asked about crabs near the Inner Harbor. Which crab places near the Inner Harbor are selling these "out of this world" local crustaceans?

                  1. re: round hound

                    I refrained from pointing the OP to any place in particular as he requested places in the IH area. I've unfortunately not found a place there where I know I can go and get local crabs. I've mentioned in other posts my recommendation for Cantler's in Annapolis but that's not IH area. My aadvic is to drive the tweny or so minutes to Cantler's for some local crabs, especially right now as they are better than I can remember them being in many, many years.

                    1. re: luckygirl

                      I agree with the OP that the "season" means that you can go to a Maryland crab house and get Maryland crabs.

                      Cantlers is at least a 45 minute drive from downtown Baltimore. But they do still have local large jimmies. $35/dozen today.

                2. Back to the original question.
                  Obrycki's is fine they use a more "black peppery" spice on their crabs..they also close in the fall so make sure you check that out. LP Steamers in the Federal Hill area also serves good crabs. You can take a water taxi to Canton and Bo Brooks which also has good crabs.Steer clear of Phillips