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Oct 29, 2006 01:41 AM

Shanghai - One really nice dinner for 6 - trying to decide between Three on the Bund, M, Jade, T8....

We will be in Shanghai in 2 weeks and I have read all posts. We want to have one really nice dinner while in Shanghai. We live in Washington, DC and get to NY often so maybe not Jean George. Considering Laris, Whampoa Club, Jade on 36, T8, M on the Bund. Open to others. Any recommendations on what would be the best option? I've read a reviews of all of them and there are always those who love them and those who were disappointed so it is hard to tell. We are all 35-40 years old, love really good food, cocktails plus a great atmosphere. Also info on prices would be great as they seem they are hard to find. Budget is not limited really as long as we feel we got our moneys worth. Oh - and we are headed to Syndey after Shanghai so we will have a chance to try some Australian chefs there too. Thanks in advance

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  1. Of those you mentioned, I'd go for Whampoa Club if it were me (and since you will be in CHINA, why even consider anything not Chinese?) I'd also look into Xintiandi, which has places like Ye Shanghai where you can also go high end. If you can find it, the book "Cool Restaurants Shanghai" in the teNeues series is a good place to shop ambience, and it has some intriguing alternatives like a place called "Hot Pot Shanghai" which features something called "New Wave Hot Pot" and is even pricier than Whampoa Club and Ye Shanghai.

    1. If you want something different, try Whompoa Club.

      1. Another couple of suggestions would be over in Pudong. Try the chinese restaurant in the Grand Hyatt. Formal chinese but can be done with a western twist if you are not too adventurous, good wine list and great views. Or, go up a notch or two to the Jin Mao Club on the 86th floor of the Jin Mao Tower. Classy, private, great views and an icon in Shanghai. Better still, the staff all speak English and the Wines are chosen by a Swiss Sommelier and the F&B manager is Australian. I have done business dinners at both and never been let down. For western, M is fine (an Australian owner), 3 on the Bund is similar in feel. Most patrons at these two are westerners. Wine prices in Shanghai are exy. French wines dominate with Australian coming second, followed by US, Italian, South African, NZ and South American.

        1. Just found an article which gives contact details and prices (although 12 months old) - may be useful to you.

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            FWIW, there's also a Zagat's for Shanghai (not that I would recommend or use Zagat's for any city).

          2. Thanks so much to all of you for the ideas. We will be in Shanghai for 9 days (my fiance is there for a class so I have alot more time than he does). I will be taking all your suggestions with us for sure!

            One more question - what's the best thing to do for breakfast in the city besides street vendors? We will be staying at the Radisson New World but don't really want to eat there every morning. Thanks again.