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Oct 29, 2006 01:58 AM

Shabu Shabu

Last time I was in Tokyo I had the most amazing Shabu Shabu with a spicy Korean broth. None of the Japanese restaurants I've been to in NY have the spicy broth and none of the Korean restaurants have Shabu Shabu. Does anyone know where I can find the combintion of the two?

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  1. check out quickly shabu shabu - they have a kimchee base as well as a spicy flavored base.
    the website is

    1. This is not quite on point, but Happy Happy Shabu Shabu on Orchard and Canal is a good Chinese/Japanese mix. You make your own broth and dipping sauces from a condiment bar.

      Or you could just go all the way Chinese, I like the Grand Sichuan on Canal by the Manhattan bridge, there's also one on St. Marks. Very spicy sichuan broth.

      1. Shabu Shabu is a japanese name for hot pot. The Korean version usually comes out pre-cooked. You usually don't do the cooking yourself and sometimes they even serve it to you so you do no work. Kind of takes the fun out, but its pretty good still. I still remember the time I searched all over Seoul to try their version of hotpot and having my travel agent try to find one of these places. I had to find it on my own because they weren't very familar with what I wanted to eat. They usually serve it in a covered casserole dish (large). There is a restaurant in Queens that serves it and you can have it take out too. I only remember its on the 7 train line and after a couple of stops before it starts to run over Roosevelt Avenue. You can see the restaurant from the train. Sorry for not being detailed enough. I co-hosted a hotpot cookoff with a friend one time who never had chinese hotpot. Chinese vs. Korean. I don't want to brag too much about the outcome but it was a landslide. Little Pepper in Flushing has the fiery hotpot you may be looking for if you want that level of spice. I saw it on the menu and know it is popular there. Haven't tried it but will go this winter for sure.

        1. It was mentioned on the outer boros board that Noodle Pho located on 73rd St in Jackson Heights plans to serve Shabu Shabu. This restaurant is fairly new and is Korean owned. It's across from the 74th St/Roosevelt station.

          1. There is a Shabu Shabu place on 10th between 1st and 2nd. I can't rembmer the name but I believe it has Shabu Shabu in it. I alwasy enjoy my meal there.

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