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Oct 29, 2006 01:12 AM

Hamburgers in The OC

Looking for a good hamburger take-out joint in south Orange County, specifically Mission Viejo area. Something other than In-N-Out

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  1. In the Dana Point area, on PCH, in the shopping center where Gelsons is, you can find some of the best hamburgers around. They aren't "take out", and they're not cheap, but boy are the good. Great meat, great grilling over wood burning grilles. I'm talking about the Salt Creek Grille. Their hamburgers are wonderful; so is their Portobello mushroom burger. Yeah, I know, it's not take-out and it's not cheap but if you want to try a perfectly broiled burger with any kind of topping, try these guys. I like to eat at the bar, where there are tables but no reservations.

    1. When I worked the Niguel area, I used to stop at Ted's Place, on Aliso Creek, near La Paz.
      It's a classic take-out spot.

      With the exception of a couple Mexican spots, South Orange County really lacks good hole-in-the-wall spots.

      1. Hennesey's in Dana Point. Great Burgers and even better on Tuesdays when they are 2 for 1

        1. Fatburger is Aliso Viejo is one of my favorites

          1. TK Burger in Costa Mesa, Newport and Huntington make some very quality burgers. It's a hole in the wall type burger joint...nothing Kobe...but damn good!