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Oct 29, 2006 12:58 AM


ok - a couple of these have popped up in LA lately and I would like to know what they are about. Signs tout things like "Juicy Yumburger" and "Crispy Chickenjoy." Both that I've seen were in areas with a high asian population, so I am guessing that that is its root/audience.

Someone please explain.


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  1. Very popular chain in the Philippines. Usually seen around Navy bases.

    1. It's the most popular chain in the Philippines, moreso even than McDonalds.

      Chickenjoy is fried chicken.

      They have an acceptable pansit palabok.

      It's better for Filipino food than McDonalds is for American food, but that could be because Filipino food lends itself to that service model.

      1. Jollibee just opened up here in Las Vegas in the past month. WOW, the place is allways packed full of Filipinos just que'd up to get food. At least 50 people were ordering my first time inside the mall, and the dining room was stuffed to the gills.

        Is it any good? I have to say, the fried chicken looked remarkably like Popeye's chicken. (a bit on the extra crispy side) I know i'll eventually -get- a chance to try it, just when the lines aren't as crazy.

        Their pancit is good, as well?? I love pancit, so I know i'll give that a try as well.

        Any other things on the menu I should give a try??

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          Allrighty, I managed to eat at Jollibee yesterday, since I was right in the neighborhood. I ordered the 2-piece dark meat fried chicken. No sides this time, but it did come with 2 small containers of brown gravy. (?)

          The first piece I ate was the leg. It must have been sitting around for a few minutes in the hold area, as it was a bit soggy- very much like KFC's chicken can get. The second piece I had was the thigh, and was -very- fresh-cooked. Crispy, juicy and piping hot, it was tasty. The chicken flavor is really pronounced. BUTTT...The seasonings in the coating are quite minimal, when you think about how KFC tastes. I did note decent sweetness in the batter, but not much savory/saltiness. Not any paprika or aggressive-tasting spice-(not even black pepper!) that was my real issue.

          My thoughts? This would be great food for little kids, who like bland, but decent chicken.(but those more adventerous would probably think it's got no real flavor- but who knows?) I do plan on trying Jollibee another time- to see how the burgers are.

          Out of 5-stars, i'd give Jollibee's chicken 3. I'll eat there and get the chicken as well again- if i'm nearby. No need for any special trip. ^__^

          1. re: Honeychan

            The Jollibee chicken batter has quite a bit of sugar. Again, ang lasang pinoy--filipino taste.

            1. re: Sam Fujisaka

              i like max's chicken better.. more flavor i think...

              1. re: kinipela

                Oongayee. Ganoon lang! But is there Max's in LA also?

                1. re: Sam Fujisaka

                  yup! sa glendale! i believe they have karaoke there too =)

        2. yeah.. it's a filipino chain... the popular things on the menu is the chicken and the spaghetti (it's filipino style)... which i think has sweet undertones. the only filipino restaurant i eat at on the mainland is max's chicken... my cousins and friends like jollibees...

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          1. re: kinipela

            Hot Dogs in the spaghetti sauce still?

            1. re: justagthing

              hahahaha i would think so... hahahahah i'm not a fan... can you believe, i don't put hot dogs/vienna sausage in my spaghetti!!! haha although, i had spaghetti with corned beef in a can (carne norte) and it was surprisingly good.. HAHAHAHAHAH

          2. i personally love the chicken, and the gravy that comes with it. doesn't taste like popeye's or kfc...the crust is really crispy but doesn't break into tiny pieces when you bite into it. the burger meat tastes like its seasoned before it's cooked, kinda like a slice of meatloaf with no veggies. i wouldn't do the spaghetti or hot dog...tastes like they put sugar in the sauce, and the hot dog comes dressed with cheese. the ube/buko/melon shakes are good, along with the banana langka pie too. i'm half filipino, but raised american so take what you want from my input!