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ok - a couple of these have popped up in LA lately and I would like to know what they are about. Signs tout things like "Juicy Yumburger" and "Crispy Chickenjoy." Both that I've seen were in areas with a high asian population, so I am guessing that that is its root/audience.

Someone please explain.


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  1. Very popular chain in the Philippines. Usually seen around Navy bases.

    1. It's the most popular chain in the Philippines, moreso even than McDonalds.

      Chickenjoy is fried chicken.

      They have an acceptable pansit palabok.

      It's better for Filipino food than McDonalds is for American food, but that could be because Filipino food lends itself to that service model.

      1. Jollibee just opened up here in Las Vegas in the past month. WOW, the place is allways packed full of Filipinos just que'd up to get food. At least 50 people were ordering my first time inside the mall, and the dining room was stuffed to the gills.

        Is it any good? I have to say, the fried chicken looked remarkably like Popeye's chicken. (a bit on the extra crispy side) I know i'll eventually -get- a chance to try it, just when the lines aren't as crazy.

        Their pancit is good, as well?? I love pancit, so I know i'll give that a try as well.

        Any other things on the menu I should give a try??

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          Allrighty, I managed to eat at Jollibee yesterday, since I was right in the neighborhood. I ordered the 2-piece dark meat fried chicken. No sides this time, but it did come with 2 small containers of brown gravy. (?)

          The first piece I ate was the leg. It must have been sitting around for a few minutes in the hold area, as it was a bit soggy- very much like KFC's chicken can get. The second piece I had was the thigh, and was -very- fresh-cooked. Crispy, juicy and piping hot, it was tasty. The chicken flavor is really pronounced. BUTTT...The seasonings in the coating are quite minimal, when you think about how KFC tastes. I did note decent sweetness in the batter, but not much savory/saltiness. Not any paprika or aggressive-tasting spice-(not even black pepper!) that was my real issue.

          My thoughts? This would be great food for little kids, who like bland, but decent chicken.(but those more adventerous would probably think it's got no real flavor- but who knows?) I do plan on trying Jollibee another time- to see how the burgers are.

          Out of 5-stars, i'd give Jollibee's chicken 3. I'll eat there and get the chicken as well again- if i'm nearby. No need for any special trip. ^__^

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            The Jollibee chicken batter has quite a bit of sugar. Again, ang lasang pinoy--filipino taste.

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              i like max's chicken better.. more flavor i think...

              1. re: kinipela

                Oongayee. Ganoon lang! But is there Max's in LA also?

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                  yup! sa glendale! i believe they have karaoke there too =)

        2. yeah.. it's a filipino chain... the popular things on the menu is the chicken and the spaghetti (it's filipino style)... which i think has sweet undertones. the only filipino restaurant i eat at on the mainland is max's chicken... my cousins and friends like jollibees...

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            Hot Dogs in the spaghetti sauce still?

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              hahahaha i would think so... hahahahah i'm not a fan... can you believe, i don't put hot dogs/vienna sausage in my spaghetti!!! haha although, i had spaghetti with corned beef in a can (carne norte) and it was surprisingly good.. HAHAHAHAHAH

          2. i personally love the chicken, and the gravy that comes with it. doesn't taste like popeye's or kfc...the crust is really crispy but doesn't break into tiny pieces when you bite into it. the burger meat tastes like its seasoned before it's cooked, kinda like a slice of meatloaf with no veggies. i wouldn't do the spaghetti or hot dog...tastes like they put sugar in the sauce, and the hot dog comes dressed with cheese. the ube/buko/melon shakes are good, along with the banana langka pie too. i'm half filipino, but raised american so take what you want from my input!

            1. Jollibee--tunay nang lasang pinoy--the real filipino flavor: sugar in the beef patties and more sugar in the ketchup; ketchup and chopped weiners = spaghetti sauce. Not only around Navy bases--well distributed throughout the Philippines.

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                I meant around the Navy bases in California. Sorry.

                Jolibee was bought out by Chow King, the largest Oriental food chain in the Philippines. If you google one name or the other, you get both, as well as a wiki lsting.

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                  Navy bases in California--that makes sense.

                  scurvy, I'm not sure that Jollibee would appeal to Asians other than filipinos.

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                    Chow King also opened up across from Jollibee here in Vegas as well. Again long lines (but nothing like Jollibee's) to be had, at least for now.

                    All the Filipinos I know are jumping for joy that we have them, now. They told me if I have an open mind about a sweeter burger, I won't be too "weirded out" and the chicken is tasty.

                    I'll post more when I try it this weekend!

                2. all my philippino friends love jollybees. I have tried it several time and still do not get what all the hype is about. the speghetti is sweet with this weird smoke flavor. the chicken, nothing special, but they will drive miles to get to this place! i guess it's just one of those childhood things.

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                    It's the same as with people who like either a Big Mac or a Whopper--just a particular flavor you really like. I can't stand JolliBee, but like a Big Mac a couple of times per year. Ironically, I had my first Big Mac in the Philippines at about age 40 after growing up in California around some of the original McDonalds.

                  2. I worked with a Filipino lady that raved and raved and RAVED about Jollibee. There's one in the Eagle Rock mall and I go in there to the seafood supermarket that has an amazing selection. Anyway, I hate grocery shopping hungry, so I stopped at Jollibee and grabbed a burger, as she had said they're the best things going. I had two bites and that was enough. The sauce was like a ketchup/mayo mix, which would have been fine, but it had a lot of sugar in it and was way too sweet for me. The second bite included the paper that the cheese was wrapped in, so I tossed the burger and ended up buying twice what I normally would at the supermarket because I was still hungry.

                    1. I remember Jollibee's from my childhood in the Philippines. Back then, it was known for its wonderful hamburgers. On my last trip there in '99, we stopped in for burgers and peach turnovers (I recall is that they were so delicious, I had two!). I really enjoyed the tasty burger, which was very juicy, and if you're not careful, you could acquire a nasty burn on your tongue and mouth! I suggest you let it cool for a few minutes before taking the first bite... I know, very hard to do...

                      Filipinos are known for their sweet tooth- the evidence is in the spaghetti and our extra-sweet, ultra-rich sweet desserts (leche flan, brazo de mercedes, polvoron, pastillas de leche, cheese ensaymadas, halo-halo, etc.), and even our peanut butters have added sugar- ever tried Lily's brand PB?. I definitely have one. I do not, however, enjoy very sweet spaghetti sauce. I didn't know Jollibee's was known for its chicken, as well... There are many fried chicken establishments in the PI that serve amazing chicken (Max's and Kenny Rogers come to mind), so much better than KFC (but then again, I prefer- that is, when I used to eat fried chicken- Popeye's or Bojangle's, for their wonderful spices!

                      1. I can't believe there is not a single one of these in Canada. Filipino pops are HUGE here, esp in Winnipeg (why, I have no idea) and they ignore this market- I'm not surprised but still pissed off about it.

                        1. That's it, I'm going to start posting recipes and photos of real Filipino dishes like my mom makes, because clearly the conception of Filipino food in the States is so very, very shameful.

                          BTW, Jollibee is to my taste crap. I only ate it once, dragged by my best friend after school, and we ordered the Double Yum burger, and it tasted like dog food reconsitituted with egg product. Some people like it ironically because of the reverse-hipster-cool. Most Filipinos like it unironically. It's to Filipino food what McDonald's is to American cuisine. If enough California hipsters latch onto it it might get pretty big for a while. Who knows, for Americans it might have that "exotic authentic foreign fastfood" draw. I reject it utterly.

                          1. I would compare Jollibee to Taco Bell: Taco Bell is like an American fast-food take on Mexican food. Jollibee is (for the most part) a Filipino fast-food take on American food. I hope no one would consider Taco Bell to be representative of American or Mexican food any more than I'd consider Jollibee representative of Filipino food.

                            And why do people like Jollibee so much? I agree with Sam -- sometimes you just get attached to a flavor. Why else does anybody eat chain fast-food? We know it's not really good food.