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Oct 29, 2006 12:39 AM

Always Working Late - Loop Delivery Recs

I work for a consulting company in the Loop and we've been swamped with jobs that keep us here late and / or on the weekends.

When I used to work in NYC I was amazed by the entire food delivery industry which revolves around people working late. Here you don't have as many options but I'm sure good places exist.

I'm tired of going back to the well on the same old s*hit. I need to mix it up a little. Here is where we are constantly ordering from:

1) Leona's - Boring
2) Star of Siam - I like it and this is always going to be on the list but you can't eat thai everyday
3) Pat's - Delicious but heavy
4) Siam Rice - This place is a joke and I don't know why it's in business
5) Giordanos - See number 3
6) Golden Budha - I get it occaisonally, but not popular with the co-workers

The only rules:

1) Reasonably priced (~$15 per head)
2) No CEO deliveries

No preference on types of food - middle eastern is missing from the mix, as well as mexican and sushi.

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  1. When I used to live in the Loop, I'd frequently order from Hackney's. They deliver to the Loop. Delicious, juicy burgers.

    1. Naniwa - good sushi, cheap enough to get dinner for about $15.

      Also, I've never ordered delivery from them, but Metromix says that Oasis Cafe, excellent Middle Eastern, is open until 6:30 PM and delivers.

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      1. re: SuzMiCo

        Thanks - I've actually heard alot about that Oasis place, so I'll have to try it out.

        Been to Naniwa - good idea. Thanks!

      2. A couple of thoughts. Might be tight to keep the first two under $15. I don't believe that any use CEO. Don't have much experience with their takeout, but they all offer quality food.

        Sushi Wabi

        Trattoria Roma

        Kan Zaman - Lebanese

        I have also ordered on many occasions from Raj Darbar, Indian in Lakeview (2000 N Lincoln?) that does deliver down town. I find the food quite good, but the delivery service is terrible. At least 45 min, sometimes over an hour, but it eventually does arrive.

        1. j dub-
          kan zaman is on my list as well. hearing goood things, gotta check it out.

          1. Ricobene's in Chinatown is open late and delivers. Tasty breaded steak sandwiches, Italian beef, etc.

            Eat-A-Pita on Division street is open late and delivers. Decent Grecian Pita's, stuffed baked potatoes, chili, burgers, salads, etc.

            Pizza Capri on Sheffield or Halsted serves pretty decent pasta, salads, pizza, etc.

            Father and son Pizza on North Avenue is open late and serves tasty thin crust pizza and pasta dishes.

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