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Oct 29, 2006 12:34 AM


I know there was a previous post about 2 years ago about this, but can anyone else recommend where I can find some fabulously good rugelach? I would travel within Manhattan and Brooklyn and please do indicate the address. Thank you so much!

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  1. Hello fellow Kitty, try the Cupping Room in Soho on W Broadway and Grand or Broome. I randomly tried theirs as a tide-me-over while deciding what to get and couldn't get over how good they were. Enjoy!

    1. The best ones I've found have been at Russ & Daughters and the
      Carnegie Deli.

      There's also a very good rugelach maker (Japanese, I think) who sells in the greenmarkets.

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        The Rugelach makers you refer to is "Just Rugelach"

        Tom and Roselie Halik run the company and he is known as "the rugelach man" in Kearny, NJ, where they are based. Everything is made from scratch.

        They offer four different flavors: walnut raison apricot, walnut raisin raspberry, chocolate hazelnut, and cinnamon raisin. Their rugelach can be bought wholesale or through mail order and at any of their Greenmarket locations throughout the city (Rugelach is 50 cents a piece or $2.00/quarter pound.

        See my post below for greenmarket locations where their Rugelach can be bought.

      2. 4 Top Rugelach bakers (all terrific, all the "real deal")

        1. Lee Lee's Baked Goods - Harlem
        283 West 118th St. (off 8th Ave.)

        Call ahead to see when they are being baked and get there as they are coming out of the oven! (Use to be near Columbia, but rents got high and moved to 118th location. Don't be put off by "hole in the wall" appearacne - Lee is a FANTASTIC BAKER

        Take B or C train uptown to 116th street.
        Walk north 2 blocks on 8th ave to 118th, turn right.
        Shop is on north side of street very close to 8th avenue.
        50 cents per Rugelach - One kind, cinnamon nut

        2. Just Rugelach
        At the Tribeca Greenmarket Wednesdays and Saturdays, Brooklyn Borough Hall Greenmarket Tuesdays and Saturdays, UN Plaza Greenmarket on Wednesdays, Bowling Green Greenmarket on Thursdays, and 77th Street Greenmarket and Jackson Heights Greenmarket on Sundays (201.246.9211).
        50 cents a Rugelach.

        3. William Greenberg Jr. Desserts - Upper East Side
        1100 Madison Avenue (bet. 82nd & 83rd) 212-861-1340
        Nice Variety: Chocolate, Cinnamon, Raspberry, Apple
        Expensive - about $26 per pound (about $1.30 per piece


        4. Gertel's Bakery - Lower East Side
        53 Hester Street between Ludlow and Essex 212-982-3250
        Take F train downtown to Delancey/Essex, walk south on Essex to Hester (2 or 3 blocks), turn right on Hester and it is there on your right (north side of block) Closed Saturdays

        About $8 per pound, which is about 16 Rugelach (50 cents each)
        Nice variety: Chocolate, Apricot, Raspberry, Cinnamon
        (Word on the street is Gertel's MAY BE closing its retail operation due to a condo building being built - so call ahead)

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        1. re: ScottStuff

          Gertels and Greenbergs are kinda artificial tasting in my opinion. I bet they are loaded with trans fat, they are industrial and last Forever. I think Gertels is in Brooklyn now anyway. Just Rugelach -- they used to be at the Farmers Markets and sell all sorts of other baked goods? They were great!

          Went to Lee Lee place in Harlem, if Im not mistaked, pretty good!

          1. As of 2007 I'm a rugelach baker in training but if you want a great mail order source, Zabars has a delicious rugelach basket at several price points and packaging.


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              The loose ones from behind the Zabar's bagel counter, sold by weight, are among the best I've ever had.

              1. re: addictedtolunch

                Ditto - but only those (which usually come in chocolate and cinnamon). The various kinds of prepackaged ones in the racks are not worth the dough.