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Oct 29, 2006 12:14 AM

Puffy popovers! Belated thanks, and pictures

I hit a popover low last winter, which I posted about here (in my old-board freddie incarnation): and got great feedback.

But I was in a popover rut, and it took a while to try again.

I made fantastic popovers today, using the same Bittman recipe. But on Pat Hammond's great suggestion, I dusted the (heated, buttered) muffin tin with grated parmesan. And, on JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)'s advice, I worked really fast, to try to retain the preheated pan's heat as much as possible.

The smell of the baking cheese was divine. And the popovers were delicious. And there was a nice mix of puffed popped out, and flatter muffin-y shaped popovers. I have to say that it called into question my thought that a proper popover must be really puffed--the smaller ones were more moist, and delicious in their own right.

Pictures here:

The crud on the muffin tin is baked on parmesan (yum). And I'm not too adept at the flickr thing, sorry. These pictures were taken in the span of a couple minutes. These things went fast!

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  1. Wow, those look fantastic! And the parmesan cheese sounds great. Are there other (non-cheesy) variations on this recipe to spice up the popovers? I'm definitely inspired.

    1. Great pictures ... I love the slide show. Clever you!

      1. Me too, great pixs! Gotta try those.

        1. Those look great!

          You just reminded me I have to go out and get some Natas from the Ironbound (soon).

          1. rose water, those look wonderful. (slide show is great)
            You've inspired me to want to make them. Did you just eat them up or did you serve them with something?

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            1. re: kitchensalli

              Just ate them up (or rather wolfed them down)! But I'd love suggestions on things to serve with them.

              Without parmesan cheese, they end up tasting a bit like individual portions of french toast. Candied pecans, maple syrup, butter, etc., would go well. Or jam or marmalade or pomegranate syrup.

              Given the baked parmesan, I was craving a tomato jam type thing, though I don't know exactly what would be appropriate. I think I'm going to try again tomorrow and throw in some sage leaves. Other good savory topping ideas would be welcome!