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Oct 29, 2006 12:00 AM

New Indian Restaurant in Rockridge - any reports?

Flavors of India just opened at the corner of Alcatraz and College. I picked up a menu - it looks like pretty standard Bay Area North Indian/Pakistani fare. Anyone tried it out yet?

Flavors of India
3211 College Ave.
510-658-3461 (doesn't seem to be working yet)

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  1. I used to live a half block from that intersection! What establishment did it take over?

    1. It's where the little pizza spot that was next to Buttercup (which is now Mitama) was.

      1. I've been there twice for lunch, it's near my job. The food is tasty but the service is poor, so far. The first time we ordered from the main menu, skipping the lunch specials. We really enjoyed the food—okra, lamb madras, pooris that came with chickpeas. The lamb madras was outrageously rich wich coconut m,ilk, sooo tasty. The servers do not speak very good English, unfortunately. The person who seems in charge does, but he's scrambling.

        The second time I ordered the lunch special, my choice was aloo gobi, a nice version. I would characterize their spicing as complex and warming without being hot, in general. The naan was a little browner than I'm used to but it was really good. This visit the daal was overly salted, but I didn't complain because they seemed to be having a meltdown—two other friends waited more than 25 minutes for their food. I think they are having trouble because they have been swamped almost immediately, but they also have servers who have a hard time understanding even basic requests.

        I like their food, which is less spicy (in a hot sense) than House of Curries in Elmwood, but also less reduced. Okra at House of Curries has a great spicy heat but seems like indistinguishable vegetable material. Here it is less spicy but more satisfying (at least to me).
        I'm looking forward to trying the mustard greens dish.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Any more reports on this place?

            Walking by the other day I picked up a menu, says delivery "coming soon." Has beer and wine.