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Oct 28, 2006 10:58 PM

3 lunches 3 dinner in Milan your suggestions are?

looking for great food, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, $$$ no object, but also like the local trattorias as well..your suggestions pls

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  1. food in milan is just okay. My two best suggestions are Paper Moon and Baguda. They are both the best for lunch, although they do a decent dinner as well. If you go to Paper Moon, you must have their pizza! Its amazing!! Baguda has really good everything, pasta, fish, chicken, dessert, etc. you can't go wrong there. they are both fun places.

    definitely make reservations in advance. they are very popular places even among the locals!!

    1. thanks for your reply, been to paper moom about 10 times, will research baguda, thx

      1. I have been living in Milan for years now and I don't agree with what NiKoLe has to say. For starters Bagutta (and not Baguda) is NOT a good restaurant. It's a tourist trap. The food in Milano is just "not okay". Maybe if you just go to BAGUTTA and Paper Moon it is but trust me, this city goes beyond Via Bagutta (which is where both restaurants are).

        Here are a few restaurants for you:

        Al Girarrosto da Cesarina
        Alle Colline Pistoiese
        Don Lisander
        Il Verdi
        Da Giacomo
        Also if you want something very trendy but don't care much about the food, I would recommend dolce and gabbana gold. The design is unbelievable.

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          stephiekb- r you still in milan? we r at park Hyatt and would love to eat some budget friendly chow food in area, ciao

        2. I live in Italy and also think the food in Milan is more than "just okay." I'll toss in a lunch recommendation for Alla Vecchia Latteria, quite close to the Duomo

          1. Had a wonderful dinner @ Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia. I'd say it's more a ristorante than tratt/osteria.

            Exquisitely prepared fare (had the ubiquitous risotto Milanese as part of the taster menu), swift and courteous service. Room was more casual than anything, but most tables were still somewhat dressed up.

            Dessert was especially memborable: airy-perfectly-prepared chocolate souffle, enclosing a cherry gelato.

            We stayed near the Duomo, and this restaurant was just a short cab ride out.

            Aimo e Nadia
            Via Privata Raimondo Montecuccoli, 6, Milan, Lombardia 20147, IT