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Oct 28, 2006 10:57 PM


Please give me the serious good stuff, not Mellow Mushroom and all that mess. I am not a fan of Chicago-style; we like NY/NE coast Italian pizzas. Thanks!

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  1. Hey, where you at!?

    I'm from Philly and New Jersey, (I don't really talk like that) and the closest I get, is to order carefully & properly from the Westshore Pizza that historically delivers to me, and knows I tip well...

    I 'heard' that Cesares on South Dale Mabry Highway near 'Bay to Bay' was really good, but I'm on Atkins, and in the zone, so when I passed it the other day I didn't stop...
    If you were with me I'd a done it!

    The Westshore Pizza 7 outta 10 times tastes right...
    You can taste, not just detect, the cheese.
    The dough is toasty and tasty, with just the right amount of crust, bend, and chewiness...
    It'll drip some red oil like I like...

    "Extra cheese, ham, pepperoni, and onions---well done please"...

    I'll make an inside joke about really wanting extra cheese--- 'cause it's my birthday or something...
    I might laugh a little so they'll like me, and think I'm a nice guy...

    Hey, the large pizzas with extra stuff are expensive!

    I just can't have them hand over the pizza and only feel the weight of the box!

    Not---not on my birthday....


    1. You shoulda stopped at Cesare's! It's the best, hands down. Whether it's "authentic'' NY pizza is a debate you can't even settle in NY. But Cesare used to have a place right outside Yankee stadium, so his NY roots are solid (unless you are a Mets fan, but let's not go there). He grows his own tomatoes, his cheese is high quality, the sausage is excellent, the spinich fresh. Ask him to sprinkle on some hot oil, which he makes himself, and you'll be happy you did. But Cesare doesn't deliver, so Westshore is a good alternative....

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        1. re: Bergerman

          Took a detour to try Ceasare's yesterday and it was a disapointment.

          Probably better if it was fresh out of the oven since few slices ever are terrific after a warmup.

          Dough was boring, cheese ok, sause was probably good a few hours ago.

          The search continues.

        2. Eddie and Sam's downtown by far the best, I drive from St. Pete at lunch to go there.

          1. Babes Pizza in Brandon,Florida on Kings Ave.....Excellent....also they have one of the best Double Decker Pizzas....They are a mom and pop type shop...not a chain...get there early as they do not have a large seating area....if you have to is worth it!!

            1. ahhhh, the ole "where's the best pizza" debate...again. Your best bet? Try them all. Shoot, it'll cost you about $15 a pop, but you'll likely find something you like.

              Otherwise, you'll try some recommendations from others, then blast them for not knowing what "real" pizza is like. Oh, and there's the whole "I can't get it here like I got it at home in _____" argument.