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Breakfast Places (Arlington, Belmont, Lexington, Cambridge Area)

Any suggestions? My In-Laws are in town and want to take us to breakfast tomorrow. It will be 4 adults and one 15 month old. Any ideas? We are in Arlington, but haven't found any really tasty breakfast places. We don't mind driving to the nearby towns. It should be food but nothing too fancy. Any ideas?

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  1. I'm in Watertown and there are two places I really like, both kid-friendly -- Uncommon Grounds on Mt. Auburn Street and the Deluxe Town Diner a little down the street. Actually, I prefer Uncommon Grounds for breakfast. I like the food better and it's usually a lot less crowded.

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      I had a very negative experience at Uncommon Grounds about eight weeks ago, while there with my toddler and infant. The place was grungy, the staff clearly unhappy to see a family with small children there, and our order was apparently never processed by the kitchen. We waited about half an hour at lunch time and got nothing - no food, no coffee, no water, no apologies. We left, grabbed some goodies from Arax and ate in the car on the way home. I would never set foot in Uncommon Grounds again. Arax, on the other hand, I'd move into if they'd let me...

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        We had a very similar experience there with our infant. Never again!

    2. Victor's on North Beacon in Watertown kicks the Deluxe Town Diner's you-know-what. Not fancy, just great eggs, pancakes, etc. served by friendly folks and the prices are great. Never had a bad breakfast there.

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        I concur about Victor's. I don't get over there nearly as often as I should.

      2. This may be a little late for today, but I have been to the Sunday brunch a couple of times at the Bedford Renaissance Hotel. It's a good place to take out of town guests. Not too crowded, good food for a buffet, and they don't rush you out. Also, when we were with a large group with a few special needs, there wasn't a problem. I think it was $20 per adult. You may want to double check.

        1. Thank you everyone for your advice.

          We tried to go to Uncommon Grounds. We got there and since there was only one table that could fit us (four adults and a baby) they took our names and told us the wait was 10 minutes, asking us to go outside to wait. Me, my MIL, and the baby went back to the car and 20 minutes later, my husband watched them seat a party who had come later at that table. He went to ask and got no apology and instead got attitude and a "I don't know when the table will be available again." So we left. The food might be wonderful, but I don't think we will ever go back there again. It was very disappointing, and I was upset at the way they treated us for their mistake.

          We drove by the Deluxe that had many ppl waitng outside, and decided to look some more.

          We ended up at the Cambridge Common, which has decent breakfast and the best sweet potato fries. So it was not a loss on the day.

          Maybe next time, we'll try the other places suggested. We do appreciate the inputs. As we are still looking for good family breakfast place. :)

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            I've tried THe Breakfast Club in Allston. Went there on Sunday morning with my 2-year old. They were great with her and the food was pretty good. Not great, but the service and atmosphere was nice and they clearly welcomed families. It's small and I imagine gets pretty packed, but with a 15-month old you probably get up pretty early...

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              I'm sorry you (and charlieg) tried it out and had such bad experiences there! I have had service ranging from very solicitous to somewhat indifferent, but never that sort of attitude, and I see small children there whenever I go. I still really like Uncommon Grounds, but maybe I'll think twice before recommending it again.

            2. To each his own, but I don't find Victor's compares wto the Deluxe - its fine in its way but the menu is more limited and I'd vote for the Deluxe's breakfast anytime.

              1. Unfortunately it's late too, but my recs for good eats at a great price are:

                Tresca's Eating Place in Watertown

                Neighborhood Restaurant in Somerville

                Both are small first-come-first-served places and get busy early, but they have a strong following and the food is great in my opinion. Tresca's is quick and easy, and Neighborhood always offers freebies with their meals, which makes it a hard to beat value.

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                  Big thumbs up for Tresca's. Have been going there for many years. A basic breakfast in a comfortable, townie atmosphere.

                2. I know it's too late for your 10/29 breakfast with the folks, but the Classic Cafe in Arlington Heights is very good. They have an insanely huge omelette menu and all the rest of the breakfast regulars. It's very kid-friendly there--I've been going there for many years with my now-11 and 9 years olds. The staff is very warm and friendly, and the food is very good. My only quibble--and it's just a matter of personal taste--is they deliver toast to the table unbuttered, European-style, so that it's not as hot as it should be to allow the butter to properly melt, resulting in slightly hard, cool toast with visible butter smeared on it. They offer a real Irish breakfast, complete with blood pudding and grilled tomatoes. I haven't tried the blood pudding, but I've heard it's good. It's on Mass. Ave., across from Somthing Savory.

                  1. I like Brookline Lunch in Central Square, Cambridge, though it's a tiny place, and some of the tables are in rather tight spots (I've banged my head against water pipes a few times there!).

                    1. I know its late but I've always liked the Arlington Diner... the food is good and the people friendly. If brunch is more what you're looking for I've had fantastic food @ Soho.

                      1. I'll add Andro's in Belmont to the breakfast recs

                        1. Just to follow up, I went on Sunday to Johnny D's in Davis Sq. and it was great for the most part...I ordered my eggs over-easy and they were a little too runny for my taste, but all in all the quality was spot on with the price, and the jazz music was not too loud which I really appreciated!

                          1. I've recently heard that the Renaissance in Bedford has changed hands. Can't guarentee that what I said before is accurate.

                            1. Johnny D's is great for brunch, but just be warned that they will not substitute *anything* on the menu, and that their lox portions are on the small side.