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Oct 28, 2006 10:36 PM

Ristorante Toscana in Cherry Hill

on rte 70 east right next door to bobby chez and across the walkway from miele patisserie is a brand new italian byo that's DEFINITELY worth visiting. ristorante toscana, a quaint addition to the area. we took my sister and her husband there last weekend to celebrate their 20th anniversary. the place has only been open for six weeks and it was PACKED!!...i haven't seen any reviews or write-ups online so i figured i'd share it with the site.
the menu is varied and the food was excellent, as was the service.bellisimo!!!

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    1. re: rockhopper

      for appetizers we shared fried calamari, sausage stuffed mushrooms in a cream sauce,and a salumeria platter. i had crab & avacado composed salad, and the filet topped with gorgonzola. others in the party had roast duck, filet with a different topping (i forget), fresh oysters, linguine with white clam sauce, tilapia, and the salmon. they also feature a large selection of wood fire pizzas made in one of only two(in the us) 1 ton rotating stone ovens.

    2. Lunch was great there..great salads!!!

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      1. re: FrenchDoll

        we went back specifically to try the pizza, and WOW!!!so tasty. there were 8 of us and we had 4 different pizzas between us, no one left hungry or dispappointed...and oh yes, i splurged and got dessert....fresh strawberries in zabaglione. OMG!

      2. Went there two weekends ago with 8 person party.
        The place was jammed and noisy.
        Decor was nice.

        Appetizers were delicious- I had a tuna carpaccio that was
        The Fried Calamari was delicious

        Entres ranged from ok to very good

        The service was so SLOW and I mean SLOW, that we had to
        speak to the manager twice and we are not complainers.

        They offered to comp us each a take home dessert since
        we had decided not to order any.

        The comp dessert took so long to prepare for each of us that
        we all just got up and walked out vowing to never
        return again.

        There are too many other excellent Italian BYOB
        restaurants in South Jersey ...

        Mark H.

        1. Went there with a table of last Saturday and it will be my last time. We went not only because of positive statements on this board but also one of our dining companions had been there (on a weekday) the previous week and loved it.
          We went on Saturday at 9pm - moderately busy but not where a kitchen should be overtaxed. Our waiter was personable and attentive but couldn't make up fpr the kitchen.
          My wife ordered the carpachio appetizer special which was cut too thick and was too tough to even cut with the knife on the table.
          They then brought her a mini ceaser when two other salads came out and with the main course brought her the full size caeser she had ordered. (A Caeser with a side of caeser???)
          The waiter offerred to bring her another item and she chose the calamari which were not edible - it tasted as if something had burned in the oil and they continued to use it.
          On the positive side - two of us had pasta dishes that were quite good and the place is very attractive.
          The true negative is that the manager never came over even though the waiter told us he had informed him that we had several problems.
          I am much more willing to give a restaurant a second try if the manager comes over to the table to correct a problem. WHen they don't come over, I am less likely to ever go back - and of course more likely to post the problem here. Customer service can make up for a lot of mistakes.


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          1. re: dkupersmith

            I agree with you entirely. Customer service can mend almost any short coming. However, it has been my personal experience with their management that they just don't care. I went with 3 others about 2 months ago and ordered, by recommendation, the crab crusted tilapia. Two of us order this dish actually and we had to wait 20 minutes longer than the ALREADY 30 minutes. Apparently, the kitchen FORGOT to cook our tilapia! We thought the waitress forgot to ring it in, but she showed us the actual kitchen ticket with ALL 4 ENTREES on it! Our poor waitress tried to keep her cool but it was evident that she was furious with her employer...ESPECIALLY after we saw her go to a manager( who happened to be one of the owners) and he looked in our direction, assuming she told him the problem... it would have been nice for him to come up to the table and apologize! He is an OWNER after all. Then, once we received our tilapia which took a total of 50 minutes, it was RAW! I enjoy a good sushi restaurant, but this was not what I had mind. BOTTOM LINE, the food is way below par for the foodies in this South Jersey/ Philadelphia area, and management thinks they are running a posh, Upper East Side bistro, when in fact it is a glorified 'Italian Bistro' which pathetically attempts to present a "fine dining" atmosphere.... while serving kids meals of chicken fingers and offering pizza as an appetizer/entree? I don't think so.

          2. Would anyone, by any chance, have a phone number?

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