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Oct 28, 2006 09:27 PM

Favorite Thai restaurants in D.C., nothern Virginia?

Need to hear about your favorite places for Thai.

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  1. Thai Square and Bangkok 54 end up on the top of the lists nearly always. Both on Columbia Pike, Arlington.

    In Herndon/Reston there is Tarin Thai near Elden/Herndon Pkwy and imo has better food by a small measure over Thai Luang, which is Elden near Ffx county pkwy, though the latter is very good. In Herndon forget about the one in the clock tower *yuck imo* and there's a spot near the KMart center, very close to Euro Bistro that has had decent places in the past but they never can stay open for some reason.

    I've eaten at two places downtown, Thai-tanic on 14th and a place on P, in the basement (forgetting the name). While each is good, the two in Arlington are clearly better, and I'd give the edge to the two good ones in Herndon/Reston over those two in DC as well.

    1. Paya Thai, corner of Rt. 123 and Old Courthouse in Tysons.

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        And for the record, I have big holes in my history with Paya Thai as mentioned, and Pilin Thai, in Falls Church, right by the intersection of 7 and 29.

      2. Thai Square, Bangkok 54, Duangrat's, Rabiang, Crystal Thai, Supee's Kitchen (now has a new name, can't remember what it is). Supee's Kitchen is the former wonderful Thai House which was on Wilson Blvd. Maybe now called Siam Sala, but it still has the Thai House/Supee people in the kitchen.

        I am in Thai food heaven where I live....Yay! Arlington. And yes I know some are in Falls Church, but still very close.

        Crystal Thai, BTW, has been sold. But it's still very good.

        1. Ooo yay...I love Thai food...and I think there are plenty of good options in NoVa and DC...I'm going to make a list of my favorites:

          • Thaiphoon (two locations: Pentagon Row & Dupont...get the Spicy Eggplant appetizer and Panang Chicken)
          • Cafe Asia (Rosslyn, Asian Fusion restaurant...they have very good Panang and Pad Thai... not to mention great sushi)
          • Thai Noy (Westover/Arlington next to the Lost Dog Cafe...very good Pad See Ew and Mekong Chicken...very sweet though.)
          • Pad Thai (Fairfax, on Lee Hwy...they have very good lunch specials)

          My staple Thai dishes include: Pad Thai (of course), Pad See Ew, Panang Curry, Massaman Chicken, Drunken Noodle, Basil Chicken or Beef and Tom Kha Gai Chicken Soup...oh and if mangoes are in must get Mango and Sticky Rice!

          And I'm looking forward to trying Rice (DC) in the next couple of weeks...a good friend of mine recommended it.

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            Hope you're not disappointed with Rice. Too trendy! More emphasis on decor than atmosphere or more importantly taste.

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              Oops...oh well...the friend I'm taking is totally into trendy I'm sure she'll love it! Plus she's been living in Baton Rouge for about 4 months now (after living in DC for several years) so I'm sure she'll be glad to be back in the city and try one of it's many trendy places! Thanks for the heads-up though!

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                AlliantK The vegetarian mushroom soup at Rice is great.

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                  Actually, I've been favorably impressed with the quality and imagination of the cooking at Rice on two or three visits. Decent wines by the glass, too.

                  The only downside from my point of view is that it tends to be thunderously loud when busy.

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                  Yech, Cafe Asia? terrible to say the least.

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                    Their Thai food is awful but their curry laksa is actually very good... Malaysia Kopitiam is (was?) better but too "authentic" for a lot of people. Cafe Asia is easy to take for granted until you leave DC

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                    I've been to Rice a couple of times in the past few weeks, and I've loved it both times. It doesn't have everything you'd want in a Thai restaurant, but it's nice for a change.

                  3. In addition to Thai Square and Bangkok 54, I recommend Tong Thai in University Mall in Fairfax.

                    Dennis_S, have you tried Tong Thai yet?

                    I've never been impressed by Duangrat's. While they have nice decor (I seem to recall tablecloths and a live musician), I think you can get better food elsewhere.

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                      I haven't. I only saw the first mention of it a week or two ago here. Thanks for the reminder!