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Oct 28, 2006 09:27 PM

Woodhouse Seafood, San Francisco..adds fried combo plate

I went to Woodhouse (Market St. between Church and 14th {across from the Safeway}). last night for clam chowder..(every spoonful had large chunks of clam ..I am NOT exaggerating!!! I was amazed! It was a little too thick, although not from flour, but from potato! There were no chunks of potato ..which I don't mind, I just consider it cheap is after all called CLAM CHOWDER...did I mention EVERY spoonful had clams...oh yes I did!...the potatoes had melted down into the soup base..definitely not bad just unexpected....obviously I enjoyed extraneous flavors to take away from CLAM.
The new combo plate was huge ..HUGE! a large oval with 5 monster oysters (creamy and crunchy!) well fried calamari in a simple flour dust coating...and many crunchy clams...with about 3 or 4 bellies...3 kinds of sauce...a cocktail sauce, tarter, and pink one..(sorry I don't recall their proper names).I tried them all, seemed fine but I mostly prefer just lemon.....I actually could not finish about a third of this dish and brought it home for late night snacking!
Service was friendly and familial...I'm glad I have this place in my neighborhood!

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  1. oh my god! that sounds so amazingly good.

      1. re: cedichou

        I think the combo plate was in the $17.00 range....but I got 2 meals out of it (but ofcourse I had a cup of soup first!)

      2. and are they really serving steamers on the weekends now?

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        1. re: himbeer

          They did have steamers on the menu, and it wasn't a weekend...