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Oct 28, 2006 09:21 PM

la mancha on atlantic

friends of ours went there last week and said they really enjoyed themselves in this old-time spanish restaurant. anyone been? how is it?

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  1. We go all the time. Even though we are very friendly now with the owners, I dont think I'm biased. I wouldn't call it a destination restaurant, but everything they do is done with care and skill, using good ingredients. The food is fairly priced and, although some folks look and think the tapas are too expensive, the portion sizes are much larger than anywhere else. If you're in or near the area, it's well worth going. It is a very homey place with very outgoing and engaging owners. I highly recommend the sardines, tortilla espanol, chorizo and morcilla from the tapas menu and the skillet made paellas (these are not the deep pot variety some are used to with a ton of rice). And they make excellent sangrias.

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      I completely agree with steve-- (although this post is late...) I went there sometime before Christmas, and thought everything was amazing. It was a cozy-little-restaurant, where the food tasted really fresh, and the service-- the owner and his wife-- were very helpful and sweet. I don't remember exactly what we all had, but everything- from the entrees to the desserts, and the free shots they gave us for my bf's bday, were reallllly good! I highly recommend it, and am due for another visit really soon :)

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