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*Real* Belgian Waffles

Last night at the Belgian Beer Fest, I had the best waffle I've had outside Belgium, a crispy Liege-style delight made with a yeast-based dough. Looks like it was from Waffle Haus in VT, which isn't exactly close enough for brunch tomorrow. Does anyone know where I could find a good, authentic Belgian waffle (Liege or Brussels style) close by?

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  1. I was thinking about posting about the Waffle Haus waffle myself. This was the best waffle I've ever had, even better than the street waffles I've had in Belgium. God I loved the caramelized sugar. So good that I might make Killington, VT a stop on a trip up to Montreal. BTW, the Beer Fest was wonderful too.

    1. Apparently, you'll be able to get these waffles at the Mr. Crepe which will be opening in the old space the Someday had in Davis Square. The Wafflehaus folks had little flyers with this info on them while at the Fest.

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        Too good to be true! Hope it opens soon.

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          Thanks! We didn't see those flyers ... probably too busy gorging ourselves on those waffles. Can't wait.

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            If I remember correctly, the Mr. of Mr. Crêpe is himself Belgian and left the original to pursue a waffle related business; perhaps it was this Wafflehaus.

            (edit to add)Indeed. Mr. Crêpe's name is Peter Creyf and he is also the owner of the WaffleHaus. Google is your friend.

            Waffles weren't on the menu in Mr. Crêpe's first incarnation but I am VERY excited at the prospect of gauffres de Liège in my own neighborhood, much more so than about the crêpes.

            (edit again to add)Boy, am I excited! Probably too excited. If they're good, these waffles will be enough to make up for the loss of Toscanini's at the Someday, and that's saying a lot.

            (last edit, I hope):

          2. thanks much for posting about this. i've not had them before. i sure hope they bear no flavor resemblance to donuts.i am definitely NOT a fan of cloyingly sweet desserts.

            1. This sounds great! I first had Belgian waffles with strawberries and whipped cream at the Worlds Fair in NY (1966?), and I remain addicted. They aren't really sweet, but thick, crispy, and light with the strawberries and cream on top, wow/yum.


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                No, these are a different kind of Belgian waffle. There are two types, gaufres de Bruxelles and gaufres de Liège. The ones with toppings like strawberries and cream or ice cream or whatever are the Bruxelles type, much lighter and typically eaten with silverware. Gaufres de Liège are traditionally eaten with no toppings as they are so delicious (but not too sweet) all by themselves. They are finger food.



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                  Those look great too. I might be tempted to add the strawberries and cream though!

              2. The guy who owns the Killington Waffle Haus is Belgian, but lives in Boston and used to have a similar stand in the Quincy Market area. Not sure if he still has something there though.

                1. I checked in with the friend of a friend who knows the Waffle Haus guy. He has not been at Quincy Market for almost 5 years! He is operating mostly at New England ski areas now, and plans to expand out west.

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                  1. My family and I ski at Wachusett Mountain in Princeton, MA and there's a Waffle Haus there. The smell of the cooking waffles follows you up the lifts making a stop to the Waffle Haus hard to resist! We like them with the chocolate sauce. Warm, sweet (but not too sweet), crispy, chocolate, yum...we're looking forward to ski season not just for the skiing but for the waffles too!

                    1. Hi,

                      My name is Peter and I am one of the owners of the Waffle Haus / Waffle Cabin as well as the owner of Mr. Crêpe. As you know perhaps, we've been selling the waffles at Mr. Crêpe, but will unfortunately discontinue this. The main reason is that it is too much of a burden on the staff to do this. One needs to understand that this is a yeast-raised dough wich means one has to keep a close eye to the dough as it rises, and then it needs to be cooked within a certain time period or the dough will overproof. I guess that is what happens when you use authentic recipes. And I wouldn't want to do it any other way as that will take away some quality. That all being said, I've suggested to my manager to still make the waffles but only on request, on certain days, and with a minimum so that we can dedicate a person to this without it being a cost. It was really too much hassle to make nice waffles where they have so many other things to focus on. At the Waffle Cabins, they can focus on the waffles, and that is a huge difference. Anyway, just wanted to let you know this. If you're interested, please call ingrid at the restaurant (Mr. Crêpe) and ask her when she will be making a batch. It is also good to know you can freeze the waffles, then microwave them for about 25 seconds and then toast them for about 30-40 seconds.



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                        Thanks for chiming in and so happy to hear that there is at least a glimmer of hope for le retour des gaufres. While they are best fresh from the iron, the do reheat well as you say, especially when the iron itself is used to do the reheating. It is very important, though, that they be piping hot.

                        Any hints as to time of day/day of the week to maximize our waffle chances?

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                          Ah, so that's who's behind the Mr. Crepe café in Davis Square. If I can convince Peter and his crew to make waffles on occasion, I would definitely try them out... I haven't been there so far. It's too bad that the decor at this café isn't more inviting - from the outside it looks less personable and comfy, alas - and so on my regular excursions to that area, I've biked right past Mr. Crepe.

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                            It's actually a pretty nice place to eat:


                            We take our kids there a lot and it's a great place for them around 6pm. That said, while the crepes are pretty good, the waffles are the real deal. I was very sad to see them go and I hope that they'll be back often.

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                          that is so sad. I just found mr. crepe a few weeks ago.

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                            Peter -- If you're still reading the board, would you consider bringing a Waffle Haus / Waffle Cabin to us? We'd love to have a place that would focus on nothing but terrific waffles!

                          2. Can you tell me a little about the Belgian Beer Fest -- where, who runs it, what kind of other food? Has this been going for a few years? Sorry I missed that! Did they also have Belgian chocolate there?

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                              The guys at BeerAdvocate put this on in the fall - the next one is in October:

                              They didn't have chocolate that I recall, but the food they served was roughly Belgian-themed (mussels, carbonnade, etc.)