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Oct 28, 2006 09:04 PM

Where to buy fresh wasabi?

Been looking for fresh wasabi for a while-- the whole wasabi root, not the reconstituted powder horseradish stuff you typically get at sushi restaurants or the grocery store. Been to a few japanese groceries in town but came up empty.

Only lead I have right now is a place that sells the plant on-line-- the catch is that you have to grow it for 3 years!

Anybody gotten their hands on this rarity in Boston?

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  1. There is a store in Los Angeles I used to buy from called "Foodies", they sold the whole ryzome and it was approx $80 a pound, and it came on ice packs via FED-EX... Also, you can try "Pacific Farms" on the west coast. Their website is They don't sell the root, but the sell an excellent quality wasabi in tubes that is 'fresh'. I have used it before, and it is almost as good as the root.
    Hope that helps.

    1. They had the whole root at Russo's one time.

      1. I've seen it at, strangely, East Coast Grill.
        they serve it on the side of some dish which I can't remember.
        and even then it's not always available.
        but you can go in and ask where they get it or if they'd order you a finger.

        also, Bluefin Sushi in the Porter Exchange sometimes serves it as a special.
        again, you could ask.

        but I've never seen it at a retail supermarket anywhere around here.

        1. have you called the asian markets- yoshinoya etc? i feel sure you don't have to order it from cal. for heaven's sake. russo's iin watertown and sid weiner in new bedford- both get some unusual things in. i think russo's supplies ECG. the high end sushi places like oishii , fugakyu, and the Clio's sushi bar-Uni?probably serve it and you could call them. If you only want it to serve with your own sushi, you could just buy a container of it from one of these restaurants. I think it has a shelflife of forever.

          1. Penzey's spices in Arlington definitely has it--both the real thing and the usual ersatz type.