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Oct 28, 2006 09:00 PM

Boru Irish vodka

I was in Dublin this past July and was introduced to Boru by a native Dubliner. I thought it was very smooth and flavorfull.
Being more of a Plymouth gin and Red BreastIrish whisky drinker, my question to you vodka-philes is this; was I just alchohol-addled or is it a premium vodka?

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  1. Yes it is a premium vodka and is quadruple distilled.

    1. Thanks "JMF", but how does it stack-up against the Stoli's & Grey (sp.?) Gooses of the world?

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      1. re: Harp00n

        Well I have to say that I am not a big vodka fan. I know quite a bit about them, but don't drink them. My areas of specialty are gins, aged rums, liqueurs, and a strong knowledge in bourbon, scotch, and brandy/cognac. Hopefully someone can join in and add their experience with Boru compared to the premium and super premium vodkas.

        1. re: JMF

          perhaps you are not a fan of vodka because the emperor has no clothes, i.e. vodka has no taste, and the whole "premium vodka" thing is a giant scam?? As long as it's made with purified water, all vodka is equal. Hello. I respect JMF's informed palate and tend to agree with Eric Asimov's , see
          Nothing wrong with vodka; even better if you mix it with whatever flavors you like. But premium vodka is just throwing money away!

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            "K", thank you very, very much for the Asimov link. It was very informative and, LOL all over again, I laughed my ass off!

      2. Remember the days when Smirnoff was "premium" ?? I think a lot more of the hype is about the marketing and packaging as compared to what is in the bottle. That being said, Boru is actually a nice vodka at a reasonable price. GO IRISH !!

        1. P.S.

          Interesting point about vodka being tasteless. I always thought it was ironic that tastelss was the "quality" people sought in vodka. Why bother ???

          1. Despite its premium price, Boru isn't that great compared to GG, Stoli Gold, or many of the other mainstream premiums. And in spite of some earlier postings here, it's really just a matter of taste.
            Boru is rather harsh and gasoliney-which is a shame, since I'm of Irish extraction and had high hopes which sank like a stone after the first rough slug.
            For Vodka fans who quaff neat, myself included, Boru's a pretty tough row to hoe. Maybe my bottle (which I did manage to finish eventually...) bypassed two or three of the distilling steps somehow?

            Anyway, one way to bypass the ad hype and peer pressure is by blind tasting a variety of premiums & a few cheapies (just for fun) all at room temperature-and neat.
            It can be an eye-opening (but definately not sobering) experience. Once your nose and throat determine which one you REALLY like-then pop the bottle in the freezer and you're ready to rumble!

            PS-If all this reeks of too much work, too little fun, ignore the suggestion and remain blissfully ignorant. Slainte!

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              Well Kevin & all,
              I appreciate your feedbacks. Being of Irish extraction myself, I was just suprised to find an Irish-made vodka in the middle of my classic three day Dublin pub crawl. There's not the variety of ales compared to a British crawl but oh the people and the craic!
              All the best, Harp00n