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Oct 28, 2006 07:32 PM

Party for 40th birthday

I am planning a party for my hubby's 40th in March 2007, but am having the hardest time finding a place to host it. It'll be about 100 people with dinner and drinks, and I don't want to break the bank. Better to keep it in 5 mile radius of Chestnut Hill, but would travel to art museum area. (Basically don't want parking to be an issue). I was thinking a boathouse with catering, spring mill cafe, rembrandts....I heard waterworks would be $15,000 + which is out of my league. flying fish is a possibility, but the restaurant has too many nooks and crannies, I don't think it would work. North by northwest is a cool place, but the food is poor. any other ideas?

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  1. Try the General Lafayette Inn. I was planning a bridal shower and that was one of my options. The downstairs restaurant has nice decor with fireplaces and a small patio. I think it holds 75-100. They offer a nice banquet menu for as low as $20 person (it goes higher too). And, great beers since it is a brewery too. Good luck!

    1. We have had some wonderful parties at Evviva, on Montgomery Ave. in Narberth. They have a parking lot. It looks like a big old mansion - I guess that's what it is!

      Food is really good, and people have choice from 4 entrees (which you select). The veal chop is especially good, and you can pick a vegetarian entree also. They do butlered oeur/d'oevres, salad, and you can order a birthday cake which they get from a wonderful bakery in Wayne. The menu varies according to what you choose.

      They have flowers on the table - it is really very lovely. And it is much more reasonable than any of the places in town.

      It is not a restaurant - they just do catering - and you can go and look at it and talk to the owner. They make it very easy and pleasant for you. I think you can also provide your own wine if you want to, though the prices were reasonable for wine and liquor.

      We have been to many parties and weddings there, and everyone has always been pleased. Really lovely.

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        I agree with the recommendation for Evviva. It's a nice setting, with parking, and 100 people is ideal for the space (we've used it twice for about that number). They do a roast duck that's outstanding, and the cake is from Aux Petits Delices. If you supply your own wine (we did), they charge a corkage.