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Oct 28, 2006 07:19 PM

blt bites!

Very surprise by my experience at BLT Burger yesterday.....What is the point of doing a burger joint if you don't attempt to do it better or at least as good as existing spots?.....Blts Burger was on the small side..over cooked and bland...the shakes and floats were ill conceived (grape soda and ice cream anyone?)...the wines a joke...the beer list nothing special...the room was p.j.clark's as seen through the eyes of a novice designer......nothing new or special....they even have a "combo" for 15 dollars that would cost you 13 if you were to order the exact same items ala carte (huh!)....I've never been a big fan of the BLT empire but this place is embarassing ....on a positive note..the fries were very good...thin, crispy, meaty, salty

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  1. Couldn't agree with you more!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The burgers were awful,(thank goodness they were very small) the buns were pitiful, the soda was flat,the ice cream soda had no ice cream. Need I say more?

    1. Grape soda and vanilla ice cream is a classic soda fountian creation - it's called a purple cow.

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      1. re: jmax

        yes......but some classics are better forgotten....

      2. So do you think that Mssr. LT has reached the point where he's just phoning it in? It seems pretty weird that a three-star chef wouldn't be able to handle up on a frickin' hamburger, unless he's not even trying to.

        1. Have not been to BLT Burger yet and it should be given time to work out it's kinks but...

          Could it be that Burgers are best left to those who grew up on them? Downstairs at BLT fish, a rendition of the American fish-shack, has the same problem. Maybe LT has a problem with American simplicity. Cello, where he first started in NY (and where he received three stars), was great.

          Of coarse, I am an American who loves to cook French food...

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          1. re: tbear

            I think it has more to do with TRYING to please perceived american semsibilities....If he would try to make a hamburger joint for himself, I would be much more interested......Cello was amazing but the BLT empire is akin to a glorified applebees

            1. re: hardcore

              I know what you mean, but to me it is hard to improve on Dad's backyard burger or belly clams from a fry-shack. Chefs tend to add ingredients where they are not neccessary. What is a chorizo burger anyway?