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Oct 28, 2006 06:32 PM

Stuck in Convention Food Limbo

OK, I have 2 annual conventions I attend - in Columbus, OH, I've found North Market which provides a much needed alternative to the food court in their convention center. In Cleveland, we'll be staying at the Renassaince Hotel but it was freezing outside and I didn't have much chance to wander looking for good eats. what else is within a few minutes walk for both these places? I don't get many breaks during the seminars and don't get reimbursed for cabfare so cheap, fast and good are my main criteria.

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  1. Tomaydo Tomahdo is nearby, good and cheap.

    1. Cleveland: best bets- get an all day RTA pass in tower city (about $3.50)and take the red line rapid train, west bound (airport/windmere) . It runs every few minutes and you get off at the first stop (about 3-4 minutes) of w. 25th street. when you come up the stairs you will see a large brick building with a tower across the street. this is the west side market, open m 7-4, w 7-4, f 7-6, sat 7-6. it great for picking up ethnic snacks such as a great german sausage sandwich, or the best falafel (in the corner of the market). I would avoid the sushi stand if it is open. Or you could walk down w 25th street a block or so (head to the north, the city would be off to your right when you are facing north) and got to Nates for great, cheap,fresh, healthy middle eastern, or phenom phen (cash only) for light wonderful, Cambodian and Vietmanese. this place sometimes takes longer, so keep that in mind. The whole rapid train ride and couple blocks walk can take as little as 10 minutes. Also you can use your all day pass to return to places like Great Lakes Brewing Company (for a few happy hour beers?), Phenom Phen, or the Flying Fig in the evening.

      edit links:Web Site:

      can google nates deli cleveland for reviews and info.

      1. The Flying Fig in Cleveland is one of my all-time favorites... highly recommended!

        As for Columbus, the North Market is always good, but can get old if you have to eat there too often. If you walk north on High St from the Convention Center, you will hit the Short North District, full of good places to eat.

        Here are several of my lunch & casual dinner faves on High:

        Betty's Fine Food & Spirits

        Lemongrass Asian Fusion

        Northstar Cafe

        And for "fancier" dinner:

        Abbracci [across from Convention Center

        Rigsby's Kitchen

        Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse