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Oct 28, 2006 05:39 PM

From Alan Wong's to 99 Ranch Market Bakery

The pastry chef from Alan Wong's has left to run the bakery at the 99 Ranch Market out near the airport. Hardly surprising as the bakery and deli are now owned by Ramond Siu, owner of the utterly amazing Pah Ke restaurant in Kaneohe. (See many earlier threds on this board) The bakery and deli are among our favorite places on Oahu (We have no $$ interest, we are just big fans.)

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  1. A lot of people were surprised to see Mark Okumura move from AW's . Raymond has a very large production facility out at 99 Ranch and in addition to supplying walk-in customers with all kinds of baked goods, he has contracts with major airlines to provide bread and pastries. Very busy enterprise and definitely different from what Okumura was doing.

    1. And, let's not forget that Mark and Raymond both worked together with Alan.

      1. I think Raymond has worked with everyone on Oahu!

        1. yeah, the bakery has slowly become a regular stomping ground for me. go for the mini cheesecakes and the chocolate sponge cake (make sure to get the regular one and not the sugar free kind).