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L.A. Farm?

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San Diego chowhound has been invited to a dinner at the L.A. Farm. What should I expect for the quality of food? What is an appropriate level of dress?

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  1. LA Farm? Do you mean The Farm (of Beverly Hills, or at the Grove)?

    1. nothing fancy at all. salmon entree is good.

      1. Chica-it's the L.A. Farm 3000 W. Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica .

        1. I had one very disappointing meal there. Expensive, small portions, indifferent service. I hope you have a better experience than I did. It's very casual.

          1. We did. We were in aprivate room just to the left past the main entrance. It was a group of about 50 and the food was VERY good.

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              can you share more details....what you ate...cost ?

            2. I went there for dinner with 3 friends and it was fantastic. We shared many dishes and had a blast. The vibe / decor is elegant but comfortable and laid back - I would think you'd be comfortable in casual or more fancy dress. We sat on the patio which is beautiful, has really cool fire pits, and looks into the kitchen where you could see Stefan working throughout the night. Let me see if I can remember what we ate - appetizer/tapas: arancini (fried risotto balls), tartare w/ quail egg, lobster bisque, sweetbreads w/potato salad, white anchovies, oysters w/absinthe jello & fennel... We also shared an iceberg salad with blue cheese & bacon which was damn good. Then a cheese burger which was extremely juicy & had an interesting pretzel-type bun. Pork cheek w/sausage, sauerkraut & pretzel dumplings (this was a stand-out for me) & white fish on a bed of lentils/spinach/parsnip ragout. We shared a few desserts also - fresh ice cream, red wine lollipops (which were as good/better than they sound). The food really was delicious and we had a lot of fun, and isn't that kind of the point?