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Oct 28, 2006 04:59 PM

Gingersnaps + Beer = tasty

A recent late-night case of the munchies caused me to start eating gingersnaps along with a bottle of Brooklyn Pilsner. And it was wonderful -- the spices in the cookies played well with the beery goodness.

Any other not-obvious things I should start drinking beer with?

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  1. Last night at a beer dinner, I had camembert cheese topped with chutney and paired with Rodenbach. I'm not the world's biggest sour beer fan but that was really tasty.

    1. Pork rinds doused with your favorite hot sauce (the entire Marie Sharps' line is fantastic) followed with a Victory Pils. The fat in the rinds acts as a vehicle for the chile peppers in the sauce to open up all of your olfactory receptors and allows you to fully appreciate every nuance of your favorite beer. Inexepensive and consistently reproducible. Just choose the correct Scoville level of hot sauce so you don't deaden your tastebuds and you will be all set.