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Oct 28, 2006 04:26 PM

How can I salvage fermenting apple cider?

Hi 'hounds
Once again I turn to your collective wisdom.

I bought a gallon of lovely organic apple cider and when I opened it (plenty before the sell-by date) earlier this week, it had already begun to turn. Short of returning it to the market and demanding a refund, is there any way to make good use of this stuff? Could I use it in a quickbread? A squash soup? Mind you I have about a gallon of it!

I've read before that making (enjoyable) hard apple cider is much more complicated than leaving your cider to sit, so I hesitate to drink it as such.



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  1. Oh you are so lucky. You got the good stuff whichh is hard to find. Let it get good and fizzy and drink it ice cold. My DH only drinks it that way. I'll have to check our Co-op today and see if I can get some without all of the nasty preservatives in it for him and set it out on the porch to set up.

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      Do you just let the cider ferment on its own? And when do you know when it is done fermenting?

    2. I second letting it get fizzy. As a child, before our local orchard started pasteurizing and adding a preservative to the cider, my family would buy a number of gallons and let them ferment in our cold stone basement. Highly enjoyable and highly missed.

      1. Hmmm...
        It is pasteurized (it says flash pasteurized right on the label) but no preservatives. Will it be good to drink? How long should I leave it for? In the fridge (my furnace makes my basement warm)? Should I periodically vent the gas so that it doesn't pop? How will I know when it's ready to go?


        1. Just leave the cap a litle loose and keep it cool. There is almost no avoiding pasteurization, but it will keep for quite awhile and let it ferment at least a week or so.

          1. Pasteurization doesn't prevent yeast from getting in after the bottle is opened.

            Another option is to let it finish fermenting, put it in the freezer, and pour off the applejack.