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Where to buy Rambutan in LA?

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Any ideas on where to buy rambutan these days in the greater LA area (including OC)?
How about mangoosteen? anybody seen those around in a grocery store recently?
I found rambutan from a web site, but too expensive.. there has to be some place selling them but have failed to locate one (though local trader joes in pasadena had them around this time last year). thanks in advance.

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  1. Trader Joe's in Silver Lake had them last week. Any large Asian markets should have an even better selection.

    1. I've been given to understand that fresh mangosteen is not available in Southern California (although there are rumors that may change in the not too distant future). (See http://www.nytimes.com/2006/08/09/din..."


      I think you can get fresh rambutan at Tien Phat Produce (9291 Bolsa Ave., in Westminster, (714) 893-7970), which has a truly wonderful selection of fresh tropical fruit. Last time we were there, we bought some jackfruit that was amazing.

      1. I've seen Hawaiian grown rambutan sold at Irvine's Wholesome Choice, but the Little Saigon markets sell, larger, more vibrant colored ones from SE Asia.

        I second David's choice of Tien Phat. They're my default fruit vendor in Little Saigon. Can be pricier than other markets, but quality is usually worth it.

        1. I saw some at the Trader Joe's in Culver City today.

          1. Say some sad looking ones at Whole Foods at Woodland Hills, if you really need them. Think they were quite expensive too.

            1. Found them in Tien Phat.. Guatamalen grown at $32 for 5 pounds. Overall, that place is great. Lot's of other fruits I have seen in asian countries, but never tried before.
              Thanks for the info.

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                Acram -
                If you must have fresh, Asian markets esp. Thai would be the places to go. Canned Rambutan, Mangosteen, Lychee, Jack fruit and the sort you will ALWAYS find at a Thai market. Bangluck on Hollywood Blvd or Bangkok on Melrose. You could probably always find at a 99 Ranch, Hang Kook/Galleria Market-Korean, or Filipino Markets. When in season, you can also find fresh Durian. 99 Ranch will have frozen ones. I love fresh Lychee and buy them at 99 Ranch when in season.

              2. Try any of the Ranch 99 Asian food markets...they are a small chain. Good luck.

                1. Strangely enough I found really good ones at Ralph's in Silverlake yesterday.

                  1. I've always wondered about fresh mangosteen in SoCal.

                    1. Is there any place I can get a Rambutan today?

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                        Tien Phat in Westminister. I saw them when I was there last week.

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                          Thanks . . . it seems like OC is where to go . . .

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                            Thai Son had them as well, in the plaza with the ABC market on the southwest corner of Magnolia and Bolsa. You may have to ask for them (the Vietnamese for them is quả chôm chôm). It is nearly the end of the season.

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                              dang I am probably going to be too busy to get there. I thought the season was now from October. I checked several websites and they say harvests are october post-lychee and dragonberry (forgot what its called exactly)

                      2. I saw fresh mangosteen at Lax-C on Saturday, but they wouldn't even sell them to me. They were rock hard, which means they weren't very good. I think the season might be over.

                        1. I bought both mangosteen and rambutan on Sunday at that strip mall on the corner of Magnolia and Bolsa in Little Saigon next to the ABC Supermarket. There are a few different shops there that specialize in tropical fruits. You can find them in a lot of Asian supermarkets, though you'll probably have a better selection to choose from if you go to a specialist.

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                            Thanks . . . it seems like OC is where to go . . . I wanted to see where its local and current. I did not find them in any of the East LA--Monterey Park, San Gabriel, etceteras areas.