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Oct 28, 2006 04:09 PM

Melting Pot in Vierra [moved from Florida board]

The better half is keen on going there. Has anyone tried it yet?

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  1. I haven't tried it, but I've heard people say it is quite a feast!! Supposedly, it takes a while to eat it all and ya don't leave hungry ;-)

    1. ARe we talking about the fonduce restaurant -- part of a chain?


        1. Melting Pot is a national chain. The original restaurant is in Maitland, and the corporate headquarters are in Tampa.

          Their speciality is fondue, with a range of appetizer cheese fondues (bread or veggie dipped in hot cheese), entree meat and veggie fondues (cooked in hot oil) and a wide range of dessert fondues (such as fruit dipped in chocolate).

          Not 100 percent sure of the location. You said Viera, their Website indicates they are located at 2230 Town Center Ave., Suite 101, Melbourne 32940, (321) 433-3040.

          It is a novel dining experience, if you are not familiar with it. Definitely communal, although for a romatic dinner for two, it would work equally well.
          They offer both individual items and a menu that provides several different fondue choices, They have a decent wine list and, in many, a full bar.
          I have not seen this location, but most of their newer ones are designed with plenty of seating that is intimate.

          I'm not sure either about the thought that it is a real feast and you never leave hungry. The quality of the food is gppd. It is not a quick serve experience, since you basically cook everything yourself. But we aren't talking huge portions here. Perhaps there is somthing to the theory that eating slowly fills you up faster.

          Anyway, they are a well-done model of this type of cuisine and I expect you will enjoy the experience. Please report back.


          1. Bob,

            Thanks for the feedback.

            This is the correct location. It's located in a shopping center named "The Avenue Vierra". North Melbourne & Vierra share the same zip. I think the real problem is due to a quirk in "Mapquest". Haven't checked recently, but if you did a search on "The Avenue Vierra" in there, the location was off about 5 miles & put it in the middle of a golf course. (Do you play around the Mall or gamble and play thru it & hope for a good bounce during your round?)